The World’s Most Dangerous Bird

Welcome to animal word plus. Most birds are lovable creatures, but some can leave you with scars that may never be forgotten. Today we will be sharing with you our picks on the world’s most dangerous birds based on their encounters with humans in no particular order. From the cassowary, to emus to ostriches. Watch to the end to find out what other dangerous birds are on the list. If you like our content, please hit the like button, subscribe and don’t forget to turn on the notification bell to be notified when we drop new interesting animal videos

Welcome to animal word plus. Most birds are lovable creatures, but some can leave you with scars that may never be forgotten. Today we will be sharing with you our picks on the world’s most dangerous birds based on their encounters with humans in no particular order. If you like our content, please hit the like button, subscribe and don’t forget to turn on the notification bell to be notified when we drop new interesting animal videos. Snowy owl The snowy owl is native to the arctic region and is also called the white owl.

These cute birds will aggressively protect their territories and nests when someone gets too close for comfort. They are extremely quiet when they fly thus, most attacks happen without any warning sound. And the fact that they nest on the ground and have white plumage makes it difficult to spot them in the snow before getting too close. The snowy owl’s attacks are usually aimed at the head or face. They can make a person blind if their razor-sharp talons dig into their eyes. If you sight this bird it is best to observe it from afar and not try to get close. Mute swan These gorgeous animals are one of the heaviest.

Flying birds, weighing between 9 to 12kg. They can grow as tall as 1.6 meters and has a wingspan of 2 to 2.4 meters. And one of the reasons why these birds are dangerous is their size. These stunning birds are known to violently attack people especially when they are within close range to their nest, chicks and territory. They use their wing power to attack along with their beaks. The initial attack usually begins with a large hissing sound and a busking display before they charge. The mute swan will sometimes attack small watercraft.

They are also known to attack dogs as an act of defence and are well capable of drowning large dogs. Cassowary The cassowary has been labelled the world’s most dangerous bird. This bird is a flightless bird that can reach up to a height of 1.8meters making it the third tallest bird in the world. They have bright blue heads with a bony helmet and black feathers when they are matured. These birds are endemic to New Guinea, Aru Island in Indonesia and North-eastern Australia. Cassowaries are shy birds and are wary of humans but if provoked they can be very dangerous.

Though these birds cannot fly, they can run as fast as 50km/h and can jump as high as 1.5meters. They are also good swimmers. The cassowary has strong legs that can be deployed to deliver strong kicks when provoked. Each three-toed foot has a dagger-like claw on the inner toe that can reach up to 5 inches long. With a swift kick, they can puncture and slice open any potential treat including humans. There have been reported cases of deaths of human deaths from the injuries inflicted by these animals.

So when you sight a cassowary be very cautious you do not want to get into a fight with them. Ostrich Ostriches are the tallest, heaviest and fastest birds on land in the world. They can reach up to 2.7meters in height and weigh more than 150kg. these birds are native to Africa where they reside in arid and semi-arid habitats. Though they cannot fly when frightened an ostrich can run at a speed of 75km/h. most of the time ostriches try to avoid humans but they can be aggressive when they feel threatened or stressed. To defend themselves they can give vicious kicks that can kill a lion and other predators.

The ostrich’s two-toed feet are fortified with long claws that can disembowelling or killing a person with a single kick. Emu Emus are the second tallest birds living bird. And can grow to a height of 1.9meters. These birds are flightless birds with small wings, long legs and necks. Fully grown adults have soft brown feathers, while the newly hatched chicks have striped colours. They are native to Australia. Emus can be dangerous even though they are usually docile.

They are aggressive during the breeding season and when protecting their young. When they are aggressive they stand up very tall and fluff up the feathers on their neck to make them look very big. These large, powerful birds have one of the strongest legs that can rip down metal fences. They can also run as fast as 48km/h. Their three toed-foot has claws that can cause grievous injuries to both humans and animals. European herring gull The European herring gull is a very popular gull in Europe and can reach up to 66cm in length. Over the years these birds have become less fearful of humans and their attacks on humans.

And pets have become more frequent. The European herring gull has been known to peck at people’s heads and children’s lips leaving some hospitalised from such injuries. There have also been reported cases of these birds attacking pets and being responsible for their death. These birds have razor-sharp which they use to inflict injury and to snatch food from people. The European herring gull is particularly more dangerous during their breeding season when they aggressively defend their nesting young.

It is best to be watchful and avoid going near their nest during this season. Great horned owl This owl is native to America and has prominent ear-like turfs. The great horned owl which is also called the tiger owl is a big owl with powerful hunting skills. they can hunt down preys that are bigger than them. These owls have been known to attack humans when trying to defend their young, mates or territories, with unsuspecting joggers being the victims. The great horned owl attacks using its strong and sharp talons.

There have been reported cases of these birds leaving bloody talon marks on people’s heads. One of the things that makes an attack from the great horned owl very dangerous is that when they fly they make no noise thus attacks happens suddenly without any warning. Barred owl Barred owls which are also called striped owls or hoot owls are endemic to Eastern North America. They have brown to grey colours with striped markings on their underside. These birds can reach up to 60cm in length with a wingspan of 1.1meters. The barred owl has been reported to attack unsuspecting hikers with their sharp talons, leaving them with injuries on their necks or head.

The sharp talons of these owls are capable of doing greater damage if they attack more vulnerable parts of the human body such as the eyes. So when passing an area popular for owl attacks it might be wise to use an open umbrella to shield your head and neck. Australian magpie The Australian magpie is a black and white bird that is widely spread in Australia. They are found in Australian cities and have quite a reputation for being notorious and aggressive during their breeding season. They swoop down at anything or anyone they perceive to be a threat within 50 to 100 meters.

Of their nesting site. Actually, only about 9 per cent of these birds display the swooping behaviour they are known for but, that is enough to tint peoples’ perception about these birds. There are hundreds of magpie attacks each year. With people sustaining serious injuries as a result. Some of the injuries incurred as from the magpies themselves, while some are as a result of traffic accidents that occurs in the process of trying to avoid an attack. There have been even reports where such accidents have led to the death of the victims. Were you surprised to see any of these birds on the list?.

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The World’s Most Dangerous Bird