This Lioness Surprised The Photographer In An Unexpected Way

Every professional wildlife photographer will tell you that the secret to capturing those award winning and once in a lifetime moments is in patience and being at the right place in the right time. However, sometimes there’s just no secret as the animals once in a while tend to do the unexpected and end up surprising the photographer.
Hello guys welcome to another episode of 4 Ever Green. From squirrels taking the photographer’s role to a hyena behaving like a puppy, we will show to you 20 Times Wild Animals Surprised Photographers. Be sure to stick around as number 1 will leave you in aww.

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I'm gonna come over to your left to for the sake of the windage on this that's okay van every professional wildlife photographer will tell you that the secret to capturing those award-winning and once-in-a-lifetime moments is in patience and being at the right place in the right time.

however sometimes there's just no secret as the animal once in a while tend to do the unexpected and end up surprising the photographer hello guys welcome to another episode of for evergreen from squirrels taking the photographer's role to a hyena behaving like a puppy we.

Will show to you 20 times wild animal surprised photographers be sure to stick around as number one will leave you in awe run number 20 cheetah it is every wildlife photographer's wish to take some amazing photos of the most.

Charismatic of all animals the cheetah wildlife photographer kim wuhuter has an up close and personal encounter with a litter of cheetah cubs the curious cubs approach kim as their mother watches from a distance undisturbed the mother continues resting as kim goes ahead and even pets one of the cubs when you want to pet one look at how cute and adorable.

They look it is a fantasy for most of us but for kim it was a tick on his bucket list however do not try this in the wild because of the obvious reason that mother cheetahs are very protective and you might turn out to be her next meal kim was just lucky we might not say the same thing about you in a different occasion this cheetah.

Felt that the photographer was too far and it decided to take it upon itself to ensure that the photographer got some up-close portraits the cheetah even did a few poses making sure that the photographer got all the angles accurately a true model at heart i believe that if by any chance that cheetah opened an instagram page then it.

Would gunner a huge following or what do you think 19 squirrel as we all know nothing comes for free and the animal kingdom has continuously proven so to us this wild squirrel was ready to work and get a few peanuts as the payment.

Photographer gert wegen was photographing squirrels on his backyard when one curious squirrel decided to check out the photographer's equipment during what looked like a routine inspection the squirrel climbed up on gear's hand and inspected his pictures as well probably satisfied with the snapshots the squirrel then dashed out.

To rejoin its friends hopefully to notify them that the lighting and angles were all good until next inspection i guess number 18 hyena hyenas are one of the animals with the strongest bite force in the animal kingdom.

Often referred to as the scavengers of africa they are portrayed as deadly and those who have come across them can tell you that it's not a laughing matter no pun intended however despite their cunning and savagery nature hyenas can turn out to.

Be quite adorable don't agree with me then check out this full-grown male spotted hyena acting like a puppy kevin richardson is more than happy to give the hyena a few more pets and show love to it a hyena doesn't even seem to mind and it somehow gives the impression that one is actually petting a dog don't you just love to see it can you pet a hyena.

Let us know in the comments section below number 17 elephant photographer and wildlife enthusiast ewin wilson was retrieving a camera trap in the bush when a herd of gigantic elephants decided to come closer and say hi to him as well as investigate his jeep with their massive tusks and trunks.

Elephants are capable of flipping the jeep and crushing it but luckily for ewen and his crew this herd only wanted a few up close snaps for their instagram and tiktok followers or why else eventually ewin and his crew drive away as the calm giants await to see the results on their instagram feed what a scary encounter.

In sri lanka this crazy photographer is trying to get a photo of one massive elephant the photographer however gets too close and the elephant as we all know doesn't like intruders the elephant charges at the photographer but the photographer is either an elephant sifu or just lucky just by waving his left hand the.

Gigantic elephant turns around and dashes back into the bushes the photographer is unmoved and doesn't even look bothered is this luck or jedi what do you think let us know in the comments section below number 16 rhino photographer kim decides to take some.

Up-close pictures of this black rhino with the sunset and the horizon as the background the shots are amazing but what kim doesn't figure out fast enough is that through the camera lens objects look pretty far away than they actually are kim is however lucky enough to avoid the charging rhino as he dashes into the bushes the rhino eventually leaves and.

Kim is lucky enough to survive the ordeal the photos were however worth the risk don't you think take a look at bruno austin giving this rhino a belly rub funny enough the rhino appears to be enjoying it and even looks as if it's saying ah human right there a little lower yes.

Well bruno has got an awesome story to tell his grandkids now as for me i would be scared to death probably pee on my pants too just kidding can you give a rhino a belly rub let us know in the comment section below this other rhino must be photophobic or it doesn't want others to know about it.

These photographers got too close and the rhino was not into it at first the photographers seem unbothered by the charging rhino but when the rhino shows no signs of slowing down the photographers become terrified using their short horns these massive tanks are known to charge at vehicles and even overturn them.

They are territorial and trespassers are not spared well luckily the photographers survive and get to live but after learning to keep their distance next time as well as have a longer pair of camera lens number 15 gorilla uganda is known to be the home of.

Thousands of silverback gorillas photographer john king was preparing his gear to head into the dense jungle in search of gorillas for his gallery he was however in for a huge surprise as instead the gorillas came down the dense forest to him a family of silverback gorillas met king and his crew at the base camp and both the young and old.

Gorillas got up close and personal one of the silverbacks is even seen grooming john after a few minutes of interacting the gorillas leave and john is left astonished in this other encounter photographers have a very close encounter with another silverback gorilla who to their disbelief sits down and.

Strikes a pose while they snap as many pictures as they can they should have handed the gorilla kombucha as the pose had a so what are we talking about guys kind of vibe written all over it don't you think the gorilla is too calm around the photographers that after posing it continues to feed as if they are.

Non-existent well one thing for sure is that the vogue magazine would do better with this gorilla as their cover give it the contract number 14 swann weighing over 15 kilograms swans are among the largest flying birds in the northern hemisphere these majestic birds have a pure white plumage compared to.

Their mates in the southern hemisphere who have a black and white plumage generally swans are known to be photogenic this photographer has made a new friend the swan stands still as the photographer snaps a few pictures this swan then approaches probably to check out the photos but the photographer signals that he's not done the swan then.

Poses again as the photographer takes some up-close picks the swan even turns so that the rear can be captured as well ensuring that all angles are well snapped i'm sure the swan's instagram followers will like a few of those number 13 rabbit of all the animals wild rabbits are the hardest creatures to film or even.

Photograph their long ever listening ears are always alert and any unfamiliar sound is interpreted as danger and they quickly dash into their underground burrows however this guy must be the most curious rabbit as instead of running away from the photographer the rabbit stayed and even turned to face the camera for a few up close snapshots.

That is one lucky photographer i hope he got all the angles well number 12 eagle while most of this animal's surprises are sweet and cute others are a complete bitter experience such as the one this photographer experienced he went up looking to make the best shots but he sadly found.

Himself in the hands or should i say talons of an eagle this bird of prey is certainly no chooser of prey they're sharp talons of a grip that is ten times that of a human being and can cause very serious injuries you can see that the photographer kicked his gear to the ground in an attempt to free himself.

From the jaws of death poor guy number 11 lemur this photographer was privileged to meet king julien of madagascar in real life from the look of things the lemur is guiding her to hold steady for the perfect shot if you think one lemur on the shoulder wasn't good enough this photographer got two at this point i.

Would have sang the i like to move it move it song before we move on here's a quick challenge for you if you can leave a like on this video smash that subscribe button and turn on the notifications in less than 5 seconds you will have 10 years of amazing luck hurry up and try it it actually works.

number 10 wolves photographer and filmmaker steve bakshall was in for a surprise when he got an unexpected lot of visitors a pack of wolves the wolves closed in on steve and his colleague while wagging their tails and smelling them looking at the wolves.

One's mind quickly rushes into thinking that these are the forbidden huskies because of their dog-like behavior my first instinct would be to run as fast as possible but steve and crew just remain calm with a bite force twice as strong as the german shepherd wolves are quite unpredictable and an encounter with them can turn lethal in a moment.

Fortunately for steve and his crew this pack was on a different mission probably to return the favor and learn more about humans as well the wolves got too friendly that they not only allowed steve and his colleague to pet them but they also joined steve and howling how adorable watching this interaction one is left to.

Wonder if this is how our forefathers turned wolves into the domesticated dogs in the paleolithic era well word of advice do not try this at your local woods i need not tell you what might happen a truly once in a lifetime moment for steve and his crew don't you think how about these two squirrels who took.

The camera and decided to do the job themselves talk of taking matters into your own hands literally as one red squirrel poses with a snowball the other quickly takes a few snaps they then pose together and i'm quite sure that their instagram page would really blow if they decided to post these a hummingbird then decides that it can't miss the fun and.

Snaps one of the squirrel as well they then exchange rolls and the squirrel snaps the hummingbird too talk of cute and rare moments i'm sure the photographer's heart completely melted away number nine groundhog if you leave your photography equipment unattended it is sure to get a new owner.

That applies to wild animals too the new owner may be a fluffy creature like this groundhog we are not going to overlook the fact that the tripod was just the right size at its full height the groundhog was quite a good view this moment was certainly meant to be and now let us juggle our minds a little.

Bit for it is riddle time what jumps when it walks and sits when it stands do you think you have the answer to our riddle of the day be the first to leave your answer in the comments section below and stick around as we will be revealing the answer at the end of the video number 8 kangaroo.

this group of teens is busy taking photos and petting this kangaroo all seems to be going well until the kangaroo decided that he doesn't want his pictures going viral on instagram the kangaroo then begins landing kicks blows and even bites one of the teens who scream in pain as they scatter to.

Safety go away luckily this is a young kangaroo if it were a fully grown one then these teens would be strapped on a hospital bed nursing some serious bruises after being taekwondoed by a kangaroo number seven seal.

Professional photographer alexey trophimov had an exciting and rare moment while out in lake peoples in russia it was during winter and alexi had gone to take pictures of the frozen wild as well as the seals for three years alexia tried to capture photos of the seals but they would disappear into the water beneath the ice every time.

They spotted him luckily on this day his three years of waiting were repaid for this cute baby seal not only let alexi get close to it but also lay still as he snapped some photos the baby sealed and lifted one of its flippers as if to say hello to alexi probably because he hadn't greeted it at first or maybe it was saying goodbye to.

Alexi before disappearing into the water what do you think baby seals are easily frightened and thus are hard to take pictures of but this particular baby seal was a special kind this other seal approaches the cameraman with its eyes displaying an overload of cuteness the seal even tried to bite the.

Cameraman's shoes probably in a bid to try and get his attention and pet him i mean who wouldn't want to pet the seal just look at how the eyes are screaming cuddle me any little wobble here and i can't hold the shot still do not understand that however seeing that the cameraman doesn't want to cuddle or snuggle the.

Seal leaves quite irritated at him the penguins in the background can only watch in disbelief as the seal does the walk of shame back into the ocean number six puffin puffins are sea birds known to feed by diving into the water catching fish in zooplankton and then flying away to enjoy their meal.

Their black and white plumage together with their brightly colored beaks makes them a joy to watch and photograph by bird lovers russian photographer vadim trunov was out bird watching and photographing puffins when a curious cute puppet decided to feed its curiosity and check if adam was truly human or scarecrow.

I mean puffins really like to keep it to themselves but this particular puffin was exceptional the puffin gets close and goes around vatim as if examining him for its school report maybe that was the young puffin's homework the puffin then goes under vatim's legs and starts examining his camera after a while the puppet strolls back into the lake.

Probably disappointed that there was no food and that vatim did not pet him wouldn't you pet the puffin if you had such an encounter let us know in the comments section below number five leopard a crew of photographers and filmmakers were left in awe when a leopard charged.

At them at first the crew were watching wild dogs chase the leopard off its kill and the leopard dashed up a tree since the leopard was out of reach the wild dogs left and went out to enjoy the stolen kill as the crew was filming and photographing the leopard got down from the tree and started charging at them probably angry that the video of him.

Being humiliated might end up in tick-tock and his mates will laugh at him luckily the frightened crew successfully manages to scare away the leopard which disappeared into the savannah grasslands angry and hungry number four fox while out hiking in greenland.

Professional photographer and tour guide stephen forster had an unforgettable encounter with one of the most rarest and cutest animals of all a wild white arctic fox at first the fox appears afraid of stefan and tries to keep its distance but after noticing stefan's camera the fox moves closer the fox then proceeds.

To inspect the camera as it bites into the lens hood look at those cute eyes in the fluffy fur stefan should have petted it i know i would number three koala you've probably met photographers who have mastered their art by attending a class or two but have you met a natural one if no say hello to koala the.

Photographer hey hey it's okay as you can clearly see he knows how to work the photography gear and i'm pretty sure he didn't need a class for that the photographer must have been in awe as we all are number 2 monkey.

Monkeys are cute curious and friendly creatures this photographer will agree with me one minute he is taking photos and the next minute this little monkey is helping him capture the best angles this other monkey was handed a camera and he seems to be quite aware of what he's supposed to do he is seriously.

Scrutinizing the photographer's work it's now time for today's subscriber pick today's photo was sent to us by a subscriber wondering about this crew of photographers being chased by a grizzly bear suppose you found yourself in such a familiar situation what would you do well there's only one way out of it.

Run just make sure you outdo the slowest runner if you come across a mysterious photo that you want us to look into just send it over to us and we might feature it on a future video now we looked into this picture and are excited to reveal to you that indeed photographers have encountered such frightening moments with these hairy.

Giants and this takes us to our number one brown bear brown bears are the second largest type of bear in the world photographer drew hamilton was in for an unforgettable encounter with one of these majestic beasts while filming and photographing other brown bears who were fishing down.

The river a huge brown bear approached the station and sat right next to him it was if the bear had forgotten which species it belonged to probably frozen in fear all drew could do is stay calm and enjoy the company of his new friend i do believe that drew should have handed the bear a bottle of beer as they enjoy the beautiful scenery together and.

Share their childhood stories or what would you have done if it was you let us know in the comments section below and that's it for the 20 times wild animal surprise photographers which of these animal encounters impressed you the most and which one would you wish to come face to face with or even pet let.

Us know in the comments section below and if you like this video you should definitely check out our video most fearless birds foreign

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This Lioness Surprised The Photographer In An Unexpected Way