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In the Pacific, a tiny island 300 miles away from the shore hides a giant mountain beneath the waves that forms a home for thousands of plankton feeding fish. These fish attract Tuna, and the Tuna attract thousands of Sharks. Watch this video to learn more about this fascinating food chain, and hear some weird but true facts about the visiting Hammerhead Sharks

Taken From Blue Planet Series 1

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A tiny island lost in the midst of the Pacific it's the tip of a huge mountain that rises precipitously from the seafloor thousands of meters below the nearest land is 300 miles away isolated seamounts like this one create a a cease where life can flourish in the comparatively empty expanses of the open ocean.

But all the creatures that swim beside it would not be here were it not for one key factor the deep ocean currents far below the surface they collide with the islands flanks and are deflected upwards bringing with them from the depths a rich soup of nutrients such upwellings attract great concentrations of life.

most of the fish here are permanent residents feeding on the plankton a tiny floating plants and animals that an honest by the richness brought up from the depth and they in turn attract visitors from the open ocean to.

the plankton feeders are easy targets all this action attracts even larger predators sharks hundreds of sharks these silky sharks are normally ocean-going species but the sea mounts in the eastern Pacific my Koko small pillow and the Galapagos attract silk is in huge groups.

Up to 500 strong silk is seemed to specialize in taking injured fish and constantly circle sea mounts on the lookout for the chance to do so but soldiers are not the only visitors hammerheads gather in some of the largest shark shows to be found anywhere.

In the ocean sometimes thousands will circle over a sink or seamount but these sharks are not here for food they have come for another reason some of the locals provide a cleaning service following the last hour Nino year when a rise in water temperatures caused many sharks to suffer from fungal infections.

The number of hammerheads visiting the sea mounts reached record levels

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Thousands of Sharks Gathering | Blue Planet | BBC Earth