Top 6 Animals with the most crazy Mating – wild animals | ATP Earth – Animals

Top 6 Animals with the most crazy Mating – wild animals | ATP Earth

If Antechinus kangaroos can hold the top spot in maintaining love for up to 14 hours, lions are not inferior to having a frequency of 20 to 40 love times in a day. it can also last 4 days in a row. That shows that in reaching the emotional paradise, these animals are truly worthy of the world, so besides the big brothers and sisters in this bed village, are there any animals that dare to go to the list of species? Animals do the weirdest sex in the natural world, yes yes, today in this video we will continue to take you to that ecstasy of some animals. It will definitely surprise you, especially the final boss. let’s get started.

00:56 -Mating animals
03:20 -Giraffe
05:02 -Panda
06:11 -Bonobo Monkey
07:36 -Snails
08:56 -Clownfish
10:13 -Dolphin

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