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An elephant has been radio collared so that its location can be monitored to protect them from potential poachers. One of the collars has run out of battery and the team have a dangerous job to tranquillise the elephant safely to replace the battery.

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Out in the reserve they're ready to fit Wendy's tracking device there's a team of 12 on location led by save the elephant's head of field research David mm such an important elephant because wendy has whole bunch of orphan Cubs that are actually depending on her so what will be involved in today's operation is actually making sure that.

The vet is there the animal is at the right place at the right time and you know all our equipment everything is in the right place so it's huge logistics huge logistics for a huge animal this is no ordinary battery change Saba is an elephant expert in her own right with her guests settled in camp she can play her part in keeping everyone safe oh.

This could be tricky the security of the animal is paramount we have to although that our team is not compromised my job in this exercise is to protect the team and that's no mean feat she has to put herself between the team and the herd I don't know I always get given this job for some reason maybe if somebody's trying to get rid of me.

Time to get into position put everyone just listen in the video so somebody if you could pass where I'm just more West that would be good okay the females are right here there is the tracking device caught her in sight okay we're just going to put the dirt in any time the vet Matthew matenda is standing by with the.

Tranquilizer dad Seeley 10:45 it'll be a few minutes before Wendi goes to sleep so this is um a good situation she's not too panicked she hasn't given alarm course for the rest of the family a relative he's secured she can't quite figure I was happy that she's been stung by something that really hurt but she's okay this is.

Why it's really important to stay quiet and I'll give her any reason to feel under threat from us attaching the tracking device is vital if the team knows where Wendy is they can stay one step ahead of the poachers so what's happening now is David I she can't go in because we're about five minutes into the drug taking effect and normally it.

Takes about eight minutes when she starts getting woozy it's just happening now look she's gonna go down any minute and there's something else to worry about where's the baby David and Subba will have to temporarily separate Wendy from her baby there's a danger with the baby is that it'll it'll stay close and and interfering it very upset the other.

Thing that can happen is the mother can actually pull over on top of the baby and so if we can just shoot away there's a lot better I'm gonna come a bit closer David makes his move to split up Wendy in her calf catheters she's gonna go down to closest they've isolated her from the others she should go down any minute now.

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Tranquillising Wild African Elephants | This Wild Life | BBC Earth