Transforming Animals, African Animals, Wild Animals, Lion, Rhino, Elephant, Cheetah, Hippo, Zebra

Transforming Animals, African Animals, Wild Animals, Lion, Rhino, Elephant, Cheetah, Hippo, Zebra, Black Panther, Giraffe, Leopard, Hyena, and more.

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Hey guys I'm Dan and welcome back to the basement Dino dungeon okay so today we will be doing something really interesting and different okay so right here on the table we have a couple of transforming animal figurines right here which we will be you know taking a look at the actual figurines right here as well we also have fan mail today guys.

Okay this is actually from Jeremiah if I'm not wrong so we are going to take a look at this fan mail as well um put them into our boxes and of course take a look at this transforming egg so let's do this arrive all right let's begin with this fan mail from Jeremiah of course if you guys want to send me any family or.

Letters can also do so this is basically the address to send it to of course you have to add in Singapore double five seven two five six you can send me letters you can send me any figurines you want me to review as well so let's see what Jeremiah has sent us very very cool Jeremiah I just want to say a huge thank you for sending me on the figures.

You know from your own collection I would prefer to receive drawings because I do not want you to like spend so much money okay first figure this is a really beautiful one to say pick me hippopotamus pick me hippo right here okay we do have a pikmi hippo we have actually put it in our wild animals collection picnic Pros they are actually.

Smaller than you know uh South African hippopotamus I would say African hippopotamus okay really beautiful figure this is actually from collect a I'm not too sure whether you know Jeremiah you just purchased this or he took it out of his own collection for the Takara Tomy Pacific white to the dolphin we shall open this in another.

Video probably in the next video let's do a Takara Tomy uh you know collection video again I'm gonna show you guys like you know my entire collection I think that would be really cool okay next up Jeremiah also sent ours a pretty cool figure from safari Ltd is a white rhinoceros I'm not too sure whether there are white rhinoceros in.

Africa let's have a look at this tag right here this tag actually contains very very interesting facts okay but you have to like open this up have a look at this this grass eating African Giant's way between three thousand and eight thousand pounds so this is definitely an African animal very very nice okay we will take a look.

At more rhinoceros figures later on right here we also have a rhinoceros of transforming figure so let's transform this um we can do a comparison so this is probably a white rhino as well as you guys can see two horns yeah.

This is probably a white rhino too I think so I think so all right um let's move on to our next figure that Jeremiah has sent us what is this it looks like a buffalo it could be an Asian Buffalo I'm not too sure what is the exact name it should have the name written right below so let's have a look.

African Buffalo oh okay so cool so you can actually add this to our African animals collection right over here which is awesome very very cool okay what is this okay this animal okay um it does look a little bit like a Tasmanian devil what do you guys think this is from Schleich so it doesn't have.

Any name written right below but I feel it looks a little bit like a Tasmanian devil but the face doesn't really look like look like it or could it be like a badger yeah or Wolverine I'm not too sure so if you guys know let me know down below so I just want to say a huge thank you to Jeremiah for sending us this really.

Beautiful figures so next up let's take a look at this let's transform all of this and um let's have a look at the relevant figures from my collection okay so for the Z this is a zebra yeah a zebra for sure so for the zebra I have actually one figure in this box yep I've only placed one zebra figure in this box and this is if I'm not wrong.

This was also given to us by Jeremiah so Jeremiah has given us a lot of figures so this is like um a collect a zebra you guys knew that there's a fun fact a very interesting fact about the zebra is that the stripes on the body of a zebra actually sort of like deter deter as in chase away she's doing mosquitoes from biting them yeah I think the mosquitoes.

Just feel dizzy looking at the stripes I think so okay next up let's have a look at um the giraffe so this is basically the giraffe figure right here which is a very very beautiful one very cute and adorable giraffe we had quite a few of them inside this box so have a look at this.

This is a really beautiful one from safari Ltd it is basically a giraffe holding on to some tweaks and leaves here is another one another really beautiful one which is also from safari Ltd you can see the pain scheme it's actually very very similar highly detailed you know giraffes are basically the tallest land animal then do you guys.

Know that they do necking you guys know what is necking okay just give me one second this is a collect a figure which is also a very new figure so necking is basically the action where they slap against each other on the neck producing a very very loud noise so I think this action is basically you know.

Sort of like um territorial Behavior it could also be like a very common Behavior I mean I can't really remember the fact but this is basically some of the giraffes that I have in my collection this is uh one of the uh very very old July figures very cute and adorable okay let me see let me just try to find.

Another one one of the giraffe figures can't stand this one is really beautiful this one is from Peppo I think this many of the giraffe Figures were actually given to me by um um Jeremiah's and this is a piano so figure really love this here's another pnso.

Giraffe so there's a total of two pnso giraffes in my collection I think that's all that's all the giraffes that we have okay let's move on to the next one okay this is one of the um big cats so what is this okay um I would say this is a leopard leopard it could also look like a.

Cheetah but I think it looks more like a leopard so we have one whole box of um leopards and jaguars right here so take a look at this this is a um what is this African leopard right here really beautiful one and this is the um king cheetah is just the fastest land animal on Earth here is another no this is not a cheetah.

It looks like a cheetah what about this one this is a snow leopard not a cheater for sure here's another cheater right here guys fastest one fastest land animal you can see it is basically like sprinting it's the fastest land animal they can run up to like 120 kilometers per hour which is super super fast guys okay next.

Up okay I'm going to tell you guys a very very interesting fact okay so this is a lion okay a lion and this is a tiger okay I think it's very clear that tigers a fully grown tiger.

Could be bigger than a fully grown lion tigers are basically like the biggest big cat of all but I've seen plenty of videos between lion and tiger challenging each other and lion always stands out the winner the lions are basically like more Brave I'm not kidding you guys you can go on to like Tick Tock and search for like lions.

Versus tiger you'll be able to find like videos of the Lions just one single lion scaring off the entire um you know herd of um you call Pride I think a pride of tigers yeah I'm not kidding so lions are basically like like the Kings they are not afraid of any other big cats even though uh they might.

Be smaller than the tiger they are more ferocious yeah so this is another lion right here we have quite a number of lion figures in our collection which we you know we can take a look you know at them with you know maybe in another video not not today okay so let's let's find some tigers so tigers are basically.

The biggest um big cat right here here's another one this is a Bengal tiger this is a um another tiger right here all right here's another lion okay time for us to transform the other animal which is the uh elephant you know I I actually call this The Woolly Mammoth but this is actually.

An elephant we do have quite a few elephants in our collection so elephants as you guys know they are extremely strong I saw a video that the elephant actually uses his trunk the nose to flip over a rhinoceros I'm not kidding you the elephants are so strong here's another elephant figure this one is from.

Peppo really beautiful one and you know um extremely strong yet extremely intelligent um they're just lovely animals in effect elephant is my most favorite along the rhinoceros my most favorite herbivorous animal what about you guys I want you guys to like let me know down below.

Okay here's another rhinoceros figure really beautiful one white rhinoceros white rhinoceros is basically an African animal you know thanks to Jeremiah who said for sending us that safari Ltd figure that we have learned that fact this is another one this is a black rhino okay.

Do we have more Elegance I'm trying to find more elephants I'm surprised we only have like three elephant figures in our collection yeah we do have a huge one in our jumbo collection all right so um yes maybe it's time for us to quickly take a look at what's inside our you.

Know African animals box right here we have a hippopotamus what is this oh Cappy all right um Indian rhinoceros which is definitely do not belong to this box right right here hippopotamus cough which is a young hippo this is a really beautiful hippopotamus.

Figure from safari Ltd and other hippopotamus with this it's another hippopotamus African sea vet which I've clearly know it's from Africa hyenas some of the young predators in the um African plains there's another high enough because this one looks really good so stripe hyena.

So hyena with um Stripes these are like spotted hyena so they are like different species of um hyenas around here's another one okay this one is probably a white rhino oh we do have another zebra right here guys this is a sumatron rhino it's not an African animal for sure.

Here's another really beautiful hippopotamus you can see the mouth wide open okay hippopotamus from collect a another one you can see we do have plenty of hippos this is like a smaller figure this is from pnso Okapi calf Yang Okapi well Cappies are.

Very very rare animals that you can find I mean they are not easy to spot this is the African wild dog I've seen a video of um you know on National Geographic that the wild dogs they actually have a quite you know quite a difficult task of hunting down prey for the food because they are not like you know the the.

Biggest predators out there mountain gorilla and other rhinoceros right here hippopotamus no idea I think this is from Manu a small brand from Hong Kong here's another hippopotamus this is a meerkat I think that this is basically our African animal set and.

Here are the big cats I don't think we have time to go through every single one but I think we can do it let's try lioness this is a snow leopard really beautiful one this one it's uh one of our latest Figures it's a young cheetah it's a it's like a cheetah cop a leopard cop.

Linus holding on to its baby we have a cheetah right here the fastest land animal a really cute tiger figure another I think this is a cheater looking at the body lioness really beautiful tiger lion mountain lion.

Yep what is this guys it looks like a um links white tiger really beautiful one black jaguar Black Panther this is another Jaguar black jaguar lion it's a movable mouth.

Florida panther very cute really beautiful Majestic looking lion figure from Peppo really love this figure this um what is this guys let's have a look ammo leopard cheetah one of my most favorite cheetah figures.

This is our serval yep leopard tiger from Schleich Black Panther another tiger from Schleich exactly the same one um bully land white tiger white blindness.

This is a leopard very very beautiful one with this one I really love this um black black jaguar as well lion another really Majestic looking lion black panther again lion.

Wow what is this um another really beautiful one Pro con so this is actually from collect a causes Pro con yeah this is a black panther as well really beautiful um.

This is leopard I think Claude leopard not a big cat and this is a lynx a wildcat another links exactly the same figure Black Panther another Black Panther lioness.

lion this is a what is this Bobcat yeah that's right tiny little white tiger cop yeah and some other tiger figures yeah a couple of Cups right here this one is really cute cheetah cop small little lion figure.

Two cups right here and uh yeah wow this is really too much to go through for me hopefully you guys enjoyed this and let me know what other videos you guys want me to make I'll be happy do that but maybe on Friday we will take a look at our Sakara Tomy sea animals collection probably okay thanks for watching this I'll see you guys in.

The next one goodbye

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Transforming Animals, African Animals, Wild Animals, Lion, Rhino, Elephant, Cheetah, Hippo, Zebra