When Stupidity Goes Viral (with a wholesome twist)


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Video caption: I tried to tell you about orangutans i did say if something like this ever flips a switch it's gonna be a bad time for everyone but it took this ginger gorilla getting his lick back on camera for y'all to believe me but like all jokes aside orangutans aren't aggressive like at all like thank god whoever designed them for that because would be.

Terrifying but orangutans almost never choose violence not even with each other the only time you'll see an orangutan get active is if a male runs into another adult male and even then it's a bunch of bluffing and displaying just being allowed to prove a point hands rarely get thrown in fact there are no recorded cases of a wild orangutan.

Killing a human they're just plus-sized pacifists so one of two things happened here one that's an orangutan trying to play or two and i'm willing to bet money this is what actually happened the man was provoking the orangutan like an idiot and getting in his face but the person behind the camera didn't hit recording to the orangutan decided he.

Had enough and in situations like this i'm always going to look at the guy outside the caves before i look at the animal in it and also just personally i don't love any article of clothing that much i would have just negotiated my shirt but you know that's just that's just me.

So update to the whole orangutan debacle turns out i was right turns out this man well 19 year old hopped the enclosure fence and started taunting the big ape literally for clout bro wanted to go viral and the orangutan said yeah i could show you the way almost cost him an arm and a leg but mans did numbers on twitter not to mention the orangutan was.

On recruit difficulty because i watched that whole video and i counted at least three times where he could have gotten his folded jokes aside this pissed me off for a lot of reasons first of all if that orangutan would have killed him not even if he would have broken his arm what do you think the headlines would have been probably something like.

Vicious orangutan goes crazy and brutally mauls man when it really should be wannabe influencer gets exactly what he asks for as wild animal goes wild animal not to mention if it got to that point the zoo 100 would have taken out the o-ring to save the guy even though orangutans are endangered and dumb asses on the internet are kind of.

Overpopulating and i just know harambe was watching from the beyond like ain't that some [__] it takes years for keepers to gain the trust of an animal like that and this man managed to destroy it all in less than 10 seconds i'll say one thing though he chose the right ape to try this with if you would have tried the gimmicks with a gorilla.

Or worse a chimp yeah none of us would have seen that video or at least not without a tour browser because this would have turned into a snuff villain now what if i told you someone managed to do something even stupider than this warning this will piss you off beat this woman whose name i'm not going to say cuz i don't want to get sued and she.

Didn't just get too close to an enclosure now she decided to walk up in it like she paid rent so two things one this was in texas so florida you can unclinch and two those are spider monkeys this is a spider monkey i don't know what kind of game she thinks she's playing but she could have lost badly one wrong move and they.

Could have her looking like she could unlock voldemort's phone and if that weren't enough which it obviously was she even decided to feed the monkeys cheetos not even like the original ones now she went flaming hot i don't think i need to tell you why that's bad then again someone like her is able to vote so yeah they tell you not to feed.

Wild animals because the food we eat can make them violently sick especially if it's flaming hot the woman was kicked out of the zoo and allegedly charged with criminal trespass she also lost her job at a law firm which at first made me happy but that made me seriously question just how she got that far and i think about it that's probably where she.

Got our lawyers from you know who she is i don't got to say her name and after going viral she swiftly received the online spanking that comes with it after all the backlash she finally released a statement where she was actually apologetic and really seemed to understand the gravity of you you know.

I'm lying right now instead this woman who somehow survived 26 trips around the sun still doesn't think she did anything wrong because in her words nobody got hurt i'm sure the monkeys wish they could have that one back but she did learn at least one valuable lesson to keep her cheetos to herself my mom doesn't like when i curse on the.

Internet so i'ma end it right there if you've seen this tiger before you've probably been lied to this tiger went viral a few years ago for having down syndrome which caused obvious facial deformities people love this pug face predator so much that they use them to spread awareness except he never had it and the truth was actually way worse see.

The thing is white tigers are rare like one in ten thousand type rare and most of them survive longer than a year in the wild because if you can't camouflage you're probably gonna starve white tigers also really popular for animal traffickers selling them on the very much illegal exotic pet market yet screw those guys by the way so the easiest way.

To breed white tigers is to have two white tigers hook up so their recessive genes can produce another white tiger the problem is well there's a lot of problems actually but the biggest one is that because caucasian carnivals are so rare the ones they breed are often related which is how they get more inbred than.

Family reunion kenny the tiger didn't have down syndrome he was a twincess baby whose parents were siblings and most of his actual siblings became past tense the moment they were born the guy that bred him tried to lie and said he looked like that from smashing his face into a wall a bunch of times as a cub yeah kenny was rescued and taken to an.

Animal sanctuary in arkansas along with his brother who was cross-eyed because that's exactly the kind of thing that happens when you have an aunt mom and an uncle dad the sanctuary took care of kenny for as long as they could until he eventually passed away at the age of 10 to melanoma it's a sad story but it could have been worse r.i.p kenny you.

Deserved way better than you got a lot of people sent me this so i just wanted to point out two things so i'm going to play it back try and see if you can notice what it is so that slow blink it's actually the universal sign that a cat is relaxing at ease we've seen this with bigger cats.

Like lions and tigers but even pet cats will use this as a gesture of trust to the point where a lot of animal shelters will decide whether a cat's safe to handle based on whether it's slow blinks or not and it works both ways you can pretty much slow blink at your pet cat and it's like their version of a smile and the second thing is right at the end.

The jaguar rolled over on her back the underbelly is the most vulnerable part of a cat so them exposing it like that is the ultimate sign of trust it doesn't always mean they want you to touch them it's more them trying to tell you that they're comfortable around you i don't know what you did but keep doing it because that cat loves.

You so king julien would actually be a queen and not in like a yacified way but in real life ringtail lemur society is female dominated lady lemurs assert their dominance by bullying the low ranking males at every opportunity and they usually do this by chasing them around grabbing them and biting them but their favorite way to flex on the males.

Is by straight up snatching any food out of their hands or in this case a stick and they don't even have to be hungry sometimes they'll go out of their way to do it just for the feminism of it all also lemur smells so bad that they managed to weaponize it as in though rubber send glands all over their tails as a way to build their ammo and then.

Pretty much just throw their body odor around also they're much more homicidal than the movie wants you to believe there was a study done on a thousand animals to see which one was more likely to kill their own kind meerkats were number one since about 19 of meerkat deaths were caused by another meerkat lemurs were not far behind with up to 17.

Of lemur obituaries being co-signed by their own kind and a lot of it comes from females kidnapping and abandoning babies and male straight up aborting them moral of this video king julien was a hyper-homicidal child endangering b.o blasting drag queen so you probably know the story of harambe but not enough people know the story of jambo so this.

Goes all the way back to 1986. five-year-old levin merritt was excited to go to the zoo with his family but when he got to the gorilla pen bro got a little too excited while leaning over to get a better look he lost his bounce and fell 20 feet straight down breaking his arm fracturing his skull and knocking himself out cold when levin regained.

Consciousness he awoke to jambo a 400 pound silverback gorilla looming over him the kid understandably screamed and that momentarily freaked out jumbo and witnesses thought this was going to end in the worst way possible jumbo protectively stood over the child and having gently stroking his back as he was unconscious jumbo even kept other.

Gorillas away when they got curious and tried approaching the boy it became clear to everyone that jambo was protecting levin like he was one of his 20 kids oh yeah jambo was like that when levin started crying jambo calmly led the other gorillas to a small hut in the other corner of the pen which was when paramedics were able to rescue the boy.

Who ended up making a full recovery but the funny thing is this incident might have saved gorillas in general cause back then people were terrified of and even hated gorillas king kong didn't help but after the video of jambo looking after the fallen boy went viral and this was back in the 80s viral was a big deal the public perception of.

Gorillas did a full 180. now you're probably wondering what was the difference between this and harambe and the answer is actually depressing with harambe people were screaming throwing objects to distract him when all they were doing was freaking the big about even more harambe got agitated and that's why they ended up doing what they.

Did had the people not screamed at him harambe wouldn't have gone so agitated he'd still be alive and the pandemic never would have happened so i actually have a lot of thoughts in the harambee situation and you're probably not going to like them so if you don't know about harambe give the phone back to your mom tic-tock's no place for a five-year-old.

A spark notes version kid fell into gorilla pen gorilla goes up to the kid girl starts getting agitated so officials got a rifle and ended it the gorilla not the yeah and the big question is should they have murked harambe especially when he didn't seem like an immediate threat to the child here's the thing they could have.

Tranquilized them but that easily could have backfired think about it it's already a stressful environment you got people screaming and throwing things at you and that's after a child-shaped object just got air-dropped into your living room getting shot with a tranq would only amp him up even more i want y'all to watch this video.

animals don't understand what the tranquilizer is as far as they're concerned you just tried them and in the five minutes would have taken to work harambe could have raised absolute hell and if a 400-pound harambee seriously injured or even deleted the kid that zoo was done for thus technically the kid.

Shouldn't have been able to get into the gorilla enclosure in the first place it's stupid but it's like a balcony you shouldn't have to tell a fully functional human being not to jump off a balcony but if one does and there are no rails the owner of that building is still getting slapped with a violation so if a three-year-old managed to get.

Into the gorilla pen and then got deleted while there are zoo officials present that zoo is finished the zoo would get sued the oblivion and all the animals will get relocated and have to find a new place and as an animal with a human body harambe would almost certainly get turned into a hashtag anyway it sounds like i'm taking the zoo.

Side here i'm not in a situation that messed up there is no right answer someone was gonna lose just sucks that the someone had to be the animal whose only crime was literally just being an animal but yeah glad i didn't pull the trigger you're absolutely right and i was saving this story for last on purpose this is binti joi she's a.

Western lowland gorilla which actually happens to be critically endangered also she's the niece of this gorilla coco didn't know that before this story goes all the way back to 1996 in a brookfield zoo just outside chicago a small child was excited to see the gorillas and as a result fell into the enclosure 25 feet straight down how so many fetuses end up.

In gorilla pens is beyond me the three-year-old broke his hand was knocked out and was bleeding heavily out the side of his face and while all the other gorillas seemed confused and unsure of what to do binti went right up to the fallen boy to everyone shocked binti who was already a mother at this point cradled the injured boy in her.

Arms and even seemed like she was looking around for someone to help then with her own 17 month old hanging on her back vintie carried him across the enclosure over to a door where zookeepers could get to him and gently laid him down but here's the part a lot of people don't realize as a new mother binti had learned to hand off her.

Newborn daughter over the zookeeper so they could get her examined by vets binti did the same exact thing here treating this boy she'd never met before like he was one of her own but there might be another reason why she did this you see benty was actually abandoned by her own mother when she was born and had to be hand raised by humans and when.

Binti became a mom it was those same people that taught her how to care for her baby by using dolls this story didn't just go viral it went mid-90s viral and it almost single-handedly changed the way a lot of people see gorillas and in case you were wondering binti is still very much alive in the same brookfield zoo where she turned 34.

In march as for the baby gorilla on her back while she saved the little boy that was her daughter kula who's 25 now has a baby of her own which makes binti a grandmother god bless you binti,
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When Stupidity Goes Viral (with a wholesome twist)

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When Stupidity Goes Viral (with a wholesome twist)
When Stupidity Goes Viral (with a wholesome twist)