Wholesome Cat Video πŸ”ŠHow Loving Maine Coons Can Be 😻 – Cats

Maine Coon cats are knows as “gentle giants”. Their purrs and cuddles are very special πŸ’— However, you need to gain their love and trust, that’s why sometimes people are disappointed when their kittens aren’t cuddly.

πŸ–€ Maxie was a very skittish kitten at first but look at her and her fav human now!

Unfortunately, she developed this bond only with one of her two humans πŸ₯Ί She will be nice and will purr for the second human too, just not the same…

When we got the second cat, it became obsvious that Maxie loves one human more. Luckily for us, 🧑 Foxie chose the other human as his favourite. So we have a well-balanced family πŸ’ž

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