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Dear buckaroo nothing like a game of catch on a beautiful fall day you said it it's a good break from inventing too hey a little too much mustard on that one.

You think whoa a fever look huh what antlers in the bushes I don't believe it a deer that can throw that's one amazing gear thanks glad you think I'm amazing ah gotcha should have known oh dear I found these deer antlers in the woods I knew it'd be.

Good for a laugh did you see that Chris Chris yeah funny why so glum what's wrong bro oh well I was just looking at old pictures on my creature pod and found some of a long lost pal of ours remember this little white-tailed deer Fallen little Buckaroo ah how could I.

Forget of course cutie you know he'd be four and a half years old now I wonder how her buddy is doing do you think he's still out there somewhere in these Woods I don't know but I remember the first time we met him like it was yesterday.

Ah Springtime in the temperate forest one of my favorite times flowers blooming baby animals everywhere oh and stop don't move trying not to but why because look a cute little Fawn a white-tailed deer fawn two days old you're doing a good job buddy keep it still and motionless while your mom's.

Off feeding yeah exactly what a deer fawn is supposed to do and we'll leave you alone little pal so we don't give away your hiding spot oh now that's a tear fonts hiding power in action yup spots for camouflage and fawns have virtually no scent at all so they're really hard for a predator to.

Sniff out and find but look mom always knows where he is that's why it's so important for people to leave fawns alone if you find them they may look lost or orphaned but they're not mom is never far away he's a little Buck Chris a boy dear I'll name him Buckaroo the cutest little deer in the world.

Little did we know that wouldn't be the last time we saw our pal yeah that was just the beginning of our adventure with buckaroo I sure miss him me too well then why are you sitting there looking at his picture you should get out there and find him if anybody can find him you guys can well he'd be a full-grown Buck now he'd.

Look totally different but we'd recognize him anyway of course we would did he have any distinguishing markings he did have that one floppy ear let's do it let's find the little Buckaroo oh maybe big Buckaroo now we can split up all search by air with bald eagle power insert creature power disc.

Punch bald eagle activate both forward and I'll see if I can find him with deer Instinct and know-how can we use this to start programming a deer power suit I think I can do that and I'll send an alert to Wild Kratts kids to see if they.

Have any local Intel on whitetail deer let's do this gang let's find Buckaroo yeah with bald eagle powers of keen eyesight and a bird's eye view I should be able to spot some deer one deer can have a home range of more than 500 Acres of woods Fields And even human.

Neighborhoods which is exactly why Buckaroo showed up a second time so why did you guys want to plant these Dogwood seedlings so badly it's one of the favorite foods of the whitetail deer great for cover too we met the cutest little Fawn today so we thought we'd help the deer out a little bit cool.

With a creature rescue hey Audrey Leo what's going on we found an animal in trouble so we brought him to you Buckaroo he was all alone in a field um okay you kids are great for wanted to help animals but sometimes animals may seem like they're in trouble but they're really not what do you mean it's natural.

For a fawn to be alone in the grass or the woods it is it sure is so the best thing to do is leave the Fawn alone and his mother will come back oh no we made a big mistake we're sorry we were only trying to help we know and don't worry together we can fix this right guys right we'll get him back to his mom and in the meantime we know exactly how to.

Care for them we sure do with special Fawn milk to tie them over cool awesome I really hope we'd get this guy back to his mom I know we've got to try finding a certain individual deer isn't easy even though whitetail deer are the.

Most common large mammal in North America Chris oh down here coming down Jenny hey Chris we just got koki's message there's a place near here where there's lots of deer there's so much sumac for the deer to eat it's that way over that Hill thanks Nolan I'll check it out bye good luck.

Okay we're almost there one last thing to program I'm going to make sure you have a big full wrap isn't that what you call it oh yeah great I'm ready and rent whitetail deer power discs insert creature power disc touch deer or antler.

And activates what kills deer power foreign who ever heard of a deer with horns uh-oh there must have been a mistake in the programming module I connected to Deer don't have horns they have antlers horns antlers What's the diff that's like saying there's no difference between a baseball and a tennis ball.

Horns and antlers are different that different yeah look here Jimmy horns grow continuously throughout the Buffalo life they're fed by blood vessels and growth plates in the core of the horn they never fall off or shed antlers on the other hand are fed by blood vessels in the outer coating called velvet and the amazing thing is deer grow a new set.

Of antlers every year they start growing in the spring and then sometime in the winter automatically fall off they hit the old antler Jack button well sort of that way they don't have to carry these antlers around all year and then in the new year a deer's antlers grow to an even larger size but why grow antlers at all well let's get antlers on this.

Creature power suit and I'll show you I on it I need to download a few adjustments based on the DNA code okay all set and there I just need to restart the update now that's more like it an eight point rack cool I'm out of here thanks Aviva.

Wow 30 foot leaps 35 miles per hour top speed and my senses I can hear really well smell things like never before something's behind me a black bear not so fast buddy whoa whoa smell you later.

This 310 degree deer vision is awesome too with eyes on each side of my head I am all around me oh a pack of wolves oh no I gotta be on my toes I mean Hooves out here wow.

And deer have to watch out for cars too so many dangers I'm starting to wonder if Buckaroo has even survived this long buckaroo run there wait till deer big bed it down resting all facing with.

Their backs to the wind it's genius they're 310 degree Vision watches for predators in front of them and to the sides and if any predator tries to approach from behind its odor will be carried by the wind and detected by the deer's amazing sense of smell it's the perfect 360 degree Predator detection plan.

Uh oh I forgot Eagles are deer Predators too especially young fawns no don't go I come in peace deactivate probably shouldn't have deactivated on your tree limb didn't want to scare them especially after that scare we had with Buckaroo way back then come on Buckaroo here little deer this way we'll take you right back where they.

Found you buckaroo at play time you know a fawn can walk an hour after he's born but it takes some human babies more than a year to do that all right Buckaroo we're getting closer keep coming keep following us that's right buddy.

oh no whoa that was close good one Chris was that a golden eagle sure was they'll catch a deer fawn if they get a chance that's why you need to stay put when Mom's not around so is this where you found him yeah.

They're in the tall grass all right thanks Leo okay there so it's best to put him exactly where you found him that way his mom can find him again and I'll put this little fly cam here so we can keep a watchful eye on him and make sure his mom comes goodbye little buckaroo it was nice.

Getting to know you her tail she's nervous that's why they're called whitetail deer they raise that white tail like a warning flag telling other members of The Herd Danger's around follow me I gotta transform.

Powers you mind activate Red Squirrel power just another harmless little squirrel okay just as I thought this is a herd of does and they're young generally for most of the year does the female deer.

Stick together away from the Bucks right and the male deer at the Box often group up separately so I'll have to look for a herd of bucks if we're gonna find buckaroo Buckaroo where are you oh I feel like I gotta attack this little tree.

take that little treat and do that uh Martin why are you attacking that poor defenseless little tree uh I don't know dear Instinct I guess well you're ruining your antlers they're all torn up huh no no that's just the Velvet coming off when the antlers are done growing.

Dear scrape the Velvet off by rubbing trees and bushes so I was attacking the tree to get to my shiny antlers so the antler growth is complete cool it's Chris Aviva Martin I found some bucks come quick I'm sending my coordinates jump on I can get there fast.

Are you here you're not Buckaroo you're too young judging by the size of your antlers you're only about one year old has anybody seen a buck with a floppy ear nothing I'll try over here the biggest one but still not Buckaroo Chris we're here.

Hey cool deer power suit Martin thanks bro so we've got a herd full of bucks but I can't find Buckaroo anywhere nowhere I've been with those with bucks all through this area and nothing see the Bucks tend to gather at this time of year to prove their strength and dominance in sparring matches.

Barring matches that sounds like fun hey guys how's it going I'm here it's like a ritual ears back stiff-legged walks snort wheeze sounds all mean a challenge oh hi um what's up buck cool sound.

So are we gonna Spar who wants this bar oh hey oh hey whoa you're serious is Antlers are sharp and he has more points than I do each Buck works his way up the hierarchy in these sparring matches and it's all to attract and access the does yup but Buckaroo is just nowhere to be found.

Maybe he's just not around anymore life's tough for a deer and they only live to about six years old in the wild right yeah it's a battle of strength blocking antlers and pushing and shoving the opponents not all of them get to be big bucks huh can't stop thinking of the last time we saw him.

Here Comes mom look how carefully she approaches oh yeah she wants to make sure she doesn't accidentally lead a predator to her Fawn so when the coast is clear she reunites with him they'll stick together for a while maybe move to a new hiding spot that's how it works for deer oh they're so hot happy we did it we.

Fixed our mistake and we'll always remember if you find a fawn leave it alone great job Wild Kratts team live a long happy life little pakuru he sure was a cutie pie yeah he was the best right Martin I give.

Uh-oh is it could it be it is we finally found him buckaroo a route to the rescue and now he's challenged that guy two bucks in their Prime ready for battle buckaroo's ready for this WOW Buckaroo.

Is massive yeah he is but that other Buck is strong too believe me they're so evenly matched what happens if neither one backs down whoa sometimes major battles like this end in death oh with one gear so wounded from the fight that he just doesn't survive most of the time someone backs.

Down right yeah most of the time oh Buckaroo is taking control he's overpowering the other puck my boy do you think he remembers us let's see deactivate guys hey buddy it's us the Wild Kratts we came to find you.

you do remember us yeah you've done well grown big and strong pal good job look the herd of does great seeing you pal wow now that's a creature mission accomplished oh yeah we found our colonies doing great we found out a lot about whitetail deer and we invented a.

Brand new whitetail deer creature power suit uh-oh come on bro antler battle oh you're on you looked so easy to beat come on that guy was tough and that one battling you plus I learned some moves okay bring them on bro yeah oh God get ready for the question ah it.

Worked oh yeah

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