Wildlife of Asia 4K – Scenic Animal Film With Inspiring Music – Animals

Asia is home to some of the most incredible animals on earth! Enjoy this 4K Scenic Relaxation film featuring the diverse wildlife of Asia. From Bengal tigers in India, to Elephants in Sri Lanka, Asia is a land full of amazing creatures. This is one of my favorite wildlife films I’ve made and I can’t wait to share it with you. What is your favorite animal in Asia?

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0:00 – Animals of Asia
9:54 – India (Lions, Tigers, & Bears)
13:23 – Himalayas (Snow Leopards, Red Panda, Yaks)
16:14 – Sri Lanka (Elephants, Leopards, Crocodiles)
20:24 – China’s Wildlife
22:04 – Russia (Siberian Tiger, Bears, Seals)
25:32 – Central Asia (Camels, Saiga Antelope, Horses)
27:36 – Primates of Asia
30:33 – Japan (Snow Monkeys, Serow, Deer)
32:57 – Birds of Asia
35:58 – Big Cats of Asia (Tigers, Leopards, Asiatic Lions)
39:22 – Asia’s Wildlife
56:12 – Wild Asia

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