Zombie Juice!

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In this segment of On Location, Coyote turns into a ZOMBIE who’s thirsty for one thing and one thing only…desert sock punch of course!

Well ok, maybe he’s not actually a zombie but he sure does end up looking like one!

Prickly Pear Cacti grow all over the Southwestern United States and their bulb-like fruit are a prized delicacy among many desert dwellers because they can be used to make things like juice, syrup, candy and all sorts of other tasty delights!

So while filming Breaking Trail in Arizona, Coyote got the crazy idea to try to do something a little different in regards to preparing his mid-morning meal. He actually uses his own sweaty sock right off his foot to squeeze and drink some freshly picked prickly pear fruit for breakfast! YUCK!

Now the only question that remains is will the rest of crew also induldge in some of his messy desert concoction?

Get ready to find out and see some REAL Zombie Juice!

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(ominous music) (growling) (growling) – Zombies! (upbeat music) (energetic music) – [Camera Man] Coyote, whatcha doing? – Huh? – [Camera Man] Whatcha doing?.

– Ah, I saw a little zebra tail lizard went right into that hole. And I thought I could flush it out from this side. But it's definitely buried underneath the prickly pear cactus right now. – [Camera Man] You lost him huh? – (growls) I can't catch 'em all. But you know what, check this out. This actually gives me a really cool idea.

I'm surrounded by prickly pear cactus right now. And Mark, do you know what that is, right there? – Yeah, it's a prickle pear. – Yeah, like prickly pear, like an apple, it's the fruit. But these ones– – Is it, wait, hold on. First of all is it prickle pear or prickly pear? – It is prickly pear and it's called a prickly pear.

Because all over the fruits, especially these ones, which aren't fully ripe, have these little fibrous hairs that are called glochids. They easily brush off the cactus and they can end up in your skin. That's why if you bump into a prickly pear you're gonna be in pain for a long time, because you can't see these little stickers very well but they are very irritating.

These fruits right here are really ripe, and actually this is a great desert snack. You wanna try some prickly pear fruit? – I mean I just had breakfast, but I could have a little more. – Oh come on, you know you want to. Hold on, let me get out my pocket knife here. Now the ones that are all the way ripe, like this, don't usually have, ah, as many glochids on them.

But I'm already starting to get them into my finger. That's what I didn't want to happen. I'm gonna cut it open. You ready? – Yep, go for it. – Here we go. Oh yeah, that is nice and ripe. Wow, look at that. – It kinda looks like beet. – It does look like a beet, doesn't it?.

Let me scoop some of this out here. – That's the good stuff. – That is the stuff we are after. Oh yeah. Um, that is sweet. Okay ready, here we go. First bite. This is like breakfast for me here in the desert. Um.

– What's that taste like? – Wow, that is good. (exhales seeds) That's kinda how you have to eat it. You take a scoop out with like a pocket knife. You can also dig it out with your fingers. You can eat the seeds, they're good fiber, but really what we're after right here is the juice. So you kinda have to suck all the juice in the fruit.

Out from around the seeds. And then– – You got a little on your nose. – Do I? (exhales seeds) You can shoot 'em like little pellets, which is kinda cool. You wanna try it? – Uh sure, yeah, never had it, but.

– Give this a go. (exclaims) I'm getting the spines in my finger. – Yeah, I'll have mine without spines. – Yeah, no spines for you. There you go. Now it's gonna turn your fingers purple, but don't worry. Honestly, it looks like it's gonna stain you, but it won't. – It's very seedy looking.

Not so sure about this. – Yeah trust me, it's good. It is so sweet and delicious. Chance, film him eating this. Let's get his reaction. – It's kinda like a. – Yeah, don't pop a filling. – Yeah, it's for real. It's like a super seedy blackberry.

That's not quite as sweet. Still tastes good. – It's good right? Animals like javelinas and desert tortoise love eating these. But us as humans, we use them for multiple different foods. You can make jellies, you can make candy, you can actually cake. But my personal favorite is prickly pear juice.

And there's a real simple way to make juice, right here without getting the seeds in your mouth. You ready for this? – What do you do, bash 'em with rocks? – You could bash 'em with rocks, but then it's gonna make a huge mess. What I'm actually gonna do I use a sock to make a juicer. – Oh, so you have like an extra pair.

In your pack there? – No, I actually am going to take the sock right off of my foot. – For real? – Oh yeah. This wigwam sock right here is about to become my desert juicer. So the reason I'm using the sock is because it will help filter out the seeds.

And the little spines. In you go. Very good. Getting another one. Oh they're so ripe! Wow, look at that. That is a sock full of prickly pear fruit. Now I could just (growls) chomp into that like a bulldog, but what I'm actually gonna do.

Is bash all these fruits apart to get them started with a rock. Oh, there's a good one, okay. Come here you. Oh this is perfect. Ow. One, two, squish. (dramatic music) Oh yeah! Oh man.

Oh wow, this is going to be delicious. This is what we call desert sock punch. Now what I wanna do is kinda twist the sock down and force the fruit and the juice out of the tip of the sock. Alright, you ready? (choir vocalizing dramatically) Oh, oh that is good. Whoo!.

Oh freshly squeezed prickly pear juice. Delicious! I definitely taste my feet in there. Um. It's kinda the aftertaste. At first it's delicious and sweet. And then you're like what's that extra tinge? Ew, sweaty boot foot. Okay, ready?.

(Mark groaning) Oh, you want a sip? – No! – Alright, ready. Oh look at that, it's just dripping out now. – Go for it. – Nothing is more refreshing than freshly squeezed prickly pear juice on a Sonoran Desert morning. Chance, would you like some?.

Oh come on. Mark, how about you? Dude, I'll squeeze it right into your mouth for ya, look at that. Oh, you guys sure? Why not? – Dude, that sock's been on your foot all morning. Nope. – That's fair to say.

The sock, has been on my foot for a while. – I don't even know if I would do it with my own sock. I'll take your word for it. It looks, it looks purple. – Well, and here's the trick. You know what my mouth is not full of right now? Spines. There are no glochids in my mouth.

There are no seeds. I was rather careless in how I squeezed this juice out and I actually did that on purpose. I probably could have done a better job of not getting it all over my clothes and I know you're saying to yourselves right now, Coyote, your tan colored shirt that helps you blend in to the desert environment has been dyed purple.

You look like a ravenous vampire. Actually, one common misconception is that the prickly pear fruit stains. All I need to do is take this shirt inside, throw it in the washing machine, and it's gonna come out like it was brand new. Believe it or not. And all this dye is gonna wash right outta my hands with just a little soap and water.

Um, but it is so good. Little bit more. (growls) I'm gonna head inside right now. Jump in the shower and throw these guys into the washing machine. And the next time you see me in this outfit, it's gonna be totally free of prickly pear juice. I'm Coyote Peterson, be brave.

Stay wild. We'll see ya on the next location. Whoo, what a breakfast! If you enjoyed this On Location, make sure to go back and watch Coconut Breakfast with everyone's favorite iguana, Wilson. And don't forget, subscribe, so you can join me and the crew on our next location.

Alright guys, this is it, the moment of truth. Are my clothes still stained after being washed and sun dried in the desert? Look at that, not a single stain from the prickly pear juice. Adventure shirt, good to go. Well I guess we've proven it, that the prickly pear juice does not stain your clothes. See ya on the next location.


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Zombie Juice!