Animals Facts – Reptiles, Sea Animals, Wild Animals 13+

Animals Facts – Reptiles, Sea Animals, Crab, Octopus, Buffalo, Snakes, Crocodiles, Tortoise, Turtles, Walrus, Seal and many more.

WARNING: This video is suitable for viewers aged 13+. This educational video includes some descriptive language about animal reproduction and uses words like atrophied, mating rights, mounts etc.

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Hello all dance friends and welcome back to my channel and this is the basement dino dungeon okay today i'm going to show you guys my collection of okay check this out right here okay just one second yeah my collection of sea animals reptiles my entire collection of reptile figures as well as some sea animals and.

Water animals okay so let's get right into it okay guys so let's begin okay let's take a look at our first figure of the day this is actually a reef squid which is really beautiful i think um you know this figure is actually one of my most favorite because it has a translucent body you can actually see.

You can actually see slightly through it and it has plenty of tentacles as you guys can see okay moving on we have an alligator right over here okay this is an alligator i think let me just take a look oh it's actually a crocodile you guys know that the difference between an alligator and crocodile actually lies with the snot i mean you can easily.

Differentiate by looking at us not the crocodile has a slightly narrower snout okay as compared to the alligator which i'm going to show you guys later on next up what do we have right here this is actually a fruit neck lizard you can actually see it has a beautiful fruit that resembles a dilophosaurus from you know dinosaur series jurassic park and.

Jurassic world okay so i'm going to put this right over here next up let's take a look at another sea animal we have a goliath grouper you can see the mouth is actually very thick and this grouper is actually quite a big sized um fish as compared to many other fish out there okay.

Next we have a komodo dragons they are actually one of my most favorite reptiles in the world because they do have like poisoners i mean i don't like them because they have poisonous saliva um i really like them because it reminds me of dinosaurs okay and they are actually native to indonesia.

Okay moving on let's take a look at this we have a catfish right here as you guys can see it has plenty of whiskers and this whiskers can actually help it to find its way through the murky waters so that is very very incredible moving on let's take a look at this we have a polar bear crop right over here.

Do you guys know that polar bears they actually have like translucent hair yeah the hair is actually translucent you can actually see slightly through them but of course when you look at them from far they actually look like they are white octopus right over here they are one of.

The most intelligent animals out there they can actually camouflage themselves by changing the body colors by changing the body texture you can even change the shape for example to look like a rock to escape from predators so that is very incredible next what do we have right here this is a beautiful figure i think this is a.

Crocodile okay another crocodile figure and what is this guys what is this um this is probably wait a minute guys i think i need one more box which is right over there so i need to go over and pick up the other rocks because um we do have another category of animals that we need to place down into.

The box okay so back your pardon yep so right here we do have a white buffalo guys a white buffalo looks really beautiful okay yet another is this an alligator or crocodile do you guys know please let me know down below okay um yeah.

And moving on what do we have right here okay we actually have a um musk cox and it actually gets its name from the very false smell that they can actually meet very very interesting okay moving on yet another komodo dragon one of my most favorite reptiles.

I really love komodo dragons and crocodiles and alligators what is this guys let's take a look at this um it is actually another crocodile beautiful one and this one is actually like a bit squishy moving on another komodo dragon guys okay another one looks really nice and this one is actually a koi fish.

Okay and what do we have right here we have a giant tortoise beautiful one emperor penguin with a penguin chick right at the bottom you guys knew that emperor penguins they are actually the largest species of penguins around okay moving on um um okay this figure it's actually a.

Snake you can see this figure looks really beautiful i love the detailing on this figure this is actually a sight winder rattlesnake and do you guys know that rattlesnake they can actually rattle that tail um and will produce like a rattling sound which is very very i mean very interesting.

Another penguin figure this figure it looks really beautiful i really love how accurate this figure looks like and this is actually an african penguin okay i'm gonna put this back into the um sea animals box for sure a white alligator white alligator they're actually not albino they are.

Actually lucistic if you guys do not know okay moving on we have a cobra do you guys know that there are over 270 cobra species out there and some of them can actually spray venom up to like eight feet away and this figure i think it's a really beautiful figure as you.

Guys can see it is really well detailed it looks like an actual cobra you can actually play a prank on someone by placing this on the floor and that person that unfortunate person will be so scared for sure they'll be so scared for sure but don't do that guys don't do that that is just a very naughty prank i've actually done that to my wife guys.

I've placed like um you know a fake snake i think it was this one or this black one i place it near up the stairs and she was she shouted i mean i quickly you know consoled her but don't play a prank like this okay once in a while i think it's fine you can play a prank um on your friends or something like.

That but don't make it too serious otherwise yeah i'm not encouraging you guys to make player prank okay so this is actually a um what is this a chord snake okay a beautiful white snake and um here we have a salmon fish okay and this it's a.

Mario i've actually seen maureen use right in front of my eyes and they were like so thick guys so thick so thick and they were like staying inside the cracks and uh very lovely animals i must say starfish right over here this is a very very nice figure i must say it looks like an actual starfish weedy sea dragon i think this figure is.

Incredible it looks like an actual weedy sea dragon i've seen vdc dragons right in front of my eyes of course in my um sea aquarium in my country they look incredible i've also seen blue tanks guys yes i've seen blue tanks they look absolutely amazing and um do you guys know that blue tanks can actually adjust.

The blue color they can actually adjust their color intensity some of them can be light blue some of them can be dark blue yeah very very interesting moving on we have another snake right over here and what is this snake this is actually a boa constrictor they can actually like attack like little animals like birds.

And small little animals and they swallow them on a hole they don't bite them they just swallow them yep um a walrus figure this figure looks really beautiful i think this has got to be my most um most realistic looking walrus figure and you guys know that this figure it actually has like two huge turns i mean.

Did not disfigure walrus which is duck deep into the ocean sea floor and they can actually use their flippers to dig for food okay moving on we have a um called lizard right over here looks really beautiful okay we have another wow animal this is.

Actually a moose do you guys know that most are actually really really huge animals i think they can stand as tall as an elephant or even bigger than an elephant sometimes another reptile this it's a rough tree green snake i think let me just check out the names right below.

Um i can't really see guys it says a quite snake but i think this is like a rough tree green snake i have no idea why another warriors figure okay this is an iguana i've actually seen.

Iguanas before i think some iguanas i'm not too sure whether iguanas are able to change its body colors but i know that chameleons they are able to do so but certain types of iguana they might be able to change their body colors as well okay here is another really strong animal which is a bison right over here.

Okay they are extremely extremely strong animals see what else we've got we have a cow right here okay i mean this can be placed in my from animals collection as well and this is a himalayan tar they are extremely good climbers of cleaves and mountains guys yep.

Another snake right over here um there is no specific name to this snake it's not written right below so i actually call this the blackhead snake okay so what is this this is all i think if you look at this it looks like an alligator because it does not yes that.

Is an alligator seal of kent is actually an extinct species of fish out there okay and here it's a bearded dragon guys a bearded dragon and uh it basically gets its name from the beard porch that it has yeah very beautiful very interesting.

Looking let's see what else we've got we i'm not too sure what is this guys is this like a ram is this like you know is that a special name for this species if you guys know please comment down below we have a jean strap penguin right here um it's very easily recognizable because it actually has a stripe across the chin.

So that's a chin strap penguin this is a caveman came in are really i would say that some caymans they are actually very small i've actually seen some um i've seen one in the zoo which is like just about a meter long which is like you know a couple of feet yeah very very small you know species.

You know uh you know crocodiles are that that is out there another crocodile figure okay this it's another snake what is this guys let's take a look at this this is actually an amazon tree bowler yes i think you know similar to other boas around they actually swallow their prey on a hole.

Okay we have a california sea lion i think a sea lion they are extremely intelligent animals another maury you in fact we have two of them two of the similar types this is actually another crocodile and i think this is the name uh the name of this crocodile is actually birdie it is.

Actually a mascara from like safari lte okay moving on we have another um tortoise right over here okay what is this top this this is actually a desert tortoise incredible animal i love tortoises i love turtles in fact i keep um three i mean two terrapins two terrapins with a frog fish right here they're.

Really interesting um it's a really interesting sea animal they basically like walk on the ocean sea floor because these two things they actually look like um lakes chameleon guys okay this is a viewed chameleon you can see it is a really really beautiful.

Figure i don't have effects for this animal right here because when it came it actually has attack that says like alligator or another animal but you can see it it has a tongue which is able to stretch really long to capture the spray very cool okay let's see what else we've got we have another black snake right here.

This is also known as a koi snake really beautiful one okay i love collecting snake figures and this is a chorus snake baby guys yes i think it's one of the most colorful snakes out there really beautiful looking but of course beautiful snakes are often very very deadly as well this is a corn snake okay.

A corn snake we have an um what is what is this spanish bow yes they are actually quite aggressive sometimes and this it's a haunt lizard beautiful lizard i must say we have another penguin right here this most likely it should be an emperor penguin i think most likely.

Another polar bear crop that looks really adorable i must say or box fish i think box fish they are really interesting they actually have a body that looks like a box if you take a look at this they look i mean it looks very very boxy okay let's move on and this is an albino burmese python you.

Can see and the pigmentation of this pigmentation of this snake is actually very light it is because it has a you know kind of deficiency okay and this is a hop seal beautiful one and this it's a thorny devil they can be found in australia i think okay let's.

Move on we have a red ear slider okay which is a really really beautiful um tortoise mine current red ear sliders they are actually bigger than this one right now an emperor penguin which is the largest species of penguins around out there another polar bear crop right over here.

And um we have an anti-robot thing is this an anti-look or is that a unique name for this i don't really know it doesn't have a name written right below so i can't really tell you guys okay i beg your pardon and this is another penguin cheek looks really adorable this one should be a desert tortoise.

Beautiful right here we have a chameleon baby yeah they are actually quite small in size let's see what else we've got another lizard this is actually a fruit necklace it is actually an electronic figure which is very very awesome you can actually run on the floor so it's pretty cool i like this a lot.

okay and another snake this is actually a slip the rings like i have no idea what species this is i don't think it's able to run on this floor right here i don't think so.

All right let's move on we have a brown snake right here okay and this is another um this is a saber antelope if i'm not wrong it's a saber empty beautiful one i love the curved horns of this and not a tortoise and i think this it's a desert autism i'm not wrong so desert.

Is they're actually quite small they leave they can grow up to like 15 pounds and but they have a long lifespan they can grow up to like a 100 years old which is very very incredible of course right here oh my goodness what is this um i can't remember the name of this um a yak is it a yak.

Nope i don't think so i can't remember guys i beg your pardon i need the help of you please comment down below okay and this it's a long horned boo texas longhorned bull okay it has very very long pair of horns as you guys can see right here we have a nile crocodile and nine crocodiles are actually the largest one of the largest species of reptiles.

Around and they have the biggest white force of all animals out there this is a white tail block if i'm not wrong white two brock you can see it's beautiful endless and the antlers will actually change or change every year which is very very incredible.

A polar bear cop okay another sea animal which is known as a um do go okay this is not a manatee it's a new goal and here we have a billy goat i don't think the billy goat should be here because uh it's actually a nanny good i need to put this back into our farm.

Animals on rocks okay another sea lion sea lions are extremely intelligent and this is a buffalo so they can be found in like fuse plowing the fuse they are very good workers we have a small little elephant right here oh my goodness why is it this why is this drink here it should be in the.

African animal set um we have a rockhopper penguin you can actually recognize this by his very unique hairstyle yeah very unique hairstyle let's see what else we've got another penguin and this time is actually sliding on its body what is what type of penguin is this.

Soft african penguin nice very nice and here we have an animal known as nudibranch i need to research more on this um sea animal right here because um i can't really remember what you know some facts about this anglerfish there's actually like a light bulb in front of the face so this logic barb is.

Basically there to actually attract like little fish bit of prey so once the prey approaches the light bulb which is right in front of the jaw the angler fish will just move forward and just open its jaw and just eat up all the little prey all the little fishes and stuff okay so that is a very very.

Smart technique and here we have a large mouth bass okay beautiful one another warriors figure beautiful walrus figure oh yes another cobra so i've told you guys that there are actually like 270 species of cobras around and some of them can actually spray.

Venom hearts up to like seven to eight feet away which is very very incredible we have a sea turtle right here okay so sea turtles they often they will go up to the shore to lay eggs and um the babies will actually crawl back to the ocean on their own we have a clown animony fish right here beautiful looking.

We have a blue snake i have no idea what type of snake this is yeah i have no idea see what else we've got we have a small little bearded dragon you can see the beard porch okay very very beautiful another penguin this is most likely an.

Emperor penguin which is like looking on top you know up front i mean upwards and uh yeah beautiful penguin the largest species around not too sure what type of snake this is it definitely looks like you know he or she is really angry okay let's see what else we've got another clown animony fish right here.

Okay yet another one i think this is actually meebo if i'm not wrong another pain green and i think this it's a humble penguin nice one of our last few figures is actually a sea horse beautiful one this too sea animals have no idea what.

They are so i definitely need the help of you guys to like you know comment down below and let me know okay thanks for watching this i've basically shown you guys like you know four boxes of um animals so we have like reptiles we have like snakes with like crocodiles we have some deers and some.

Buffaloes and bisons and yeah i want you guys to let me know which box i mean which category do you guys like the most okay thanks for watching this i will see you guys in the next video goodbye

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