Oceanpedia   Critter finder   Mollusc   Cephalopod

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Filmed by: Richard Fitzpatrick.
From living fossils to problem-solving escape artists cephalopods are the most advanced form of molluscs and are found throughout the world's oceans. The word cephalopod literally means head foot. The head is well developed with most species possessing a large brain and a pair of complex eyes. cephalopods skin is equally impressive. Their colors patterns and shapes can undergo complete transformation in a matter of seconds. The changes connect as a warning to enemies or an enticement to potential mates. These cuttlefish know that the most colorful display will win them a female. Success at last he uses a modified arm to transfer his sperm. Cephalopods usually have three hearts to.

Serve the gills and the third pumps oxygen-rich blood to the body. The blood itself is blue because it contains hemocyanin a copper containing protein that transports the oxygen. Human blood uses iron based pigments rather than copper which is why our blood is red not blue. Cephalopods move by walking on their arms or swimming using jet propulsion expelling water through a tube like funnel with great force. Cephalopods are kings of camouflage adjusting their colors patterns and even texture to perfectly match their environment they are incredibly difficult to spot. And even if their cover is blown many can shoot a cloud of ink into the water leaving predators in.

A state of confusion and still hungry.

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Oceanpedia   Critter finder   Mollusc   Cephalopod