Hen’s Life (The Saddest Story)

Hens in the egg industry are the most abused domesticated animals along with female pigs. They didn’t do anything to us, and yet, the torment we put them through is beyond imagination. Please do not sponsor this misery with your money. πŸ™

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This baby has just hatched she is looking for her mum but will never meet her instead a ruthless life awaits her first her sensitive feet will be cut without anesthesia then she'll be locked away in a wire cage where she can hardly move her immobility will cause chronic pain in her muscles and Joints she will remain in this brutal cage for more than.

A year due to selective breeding she'll begin to lay one egg per day instead of 24 per year as a result her health will deteriorate rapidly and her bones will become weak to make matters worse accumulated waste beneath the cages will emit ammonia that will cause her eyes to burn at night instead of escaping to dreams a bright light will disturb her.

Sleep distress her into laying even more eggs as one and a half years old she'll be taken out of the Dreadful cage for the first time broken and defeated she will have her throat slit at the slaughterhouse

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Hen's Life (The Saddest Story)