Peregrine Falcon is the Fastest Animal in the World!


Coyote Peterson is getting an education in speed from the fastest animal in the world the Peregrine Falcon! This stealthy bird is one top predator and in the wild can reach speeds well over 200MPH but today we are going to slow things down a bit to hang out with our new friend Aragon.

Aragon is a falcon that was injured but was lucky enough to have found a new home at the Ohio Wildlife Center and is now a representative for his species and a proud feather donor for other birds that need a little help. One thing is for sure, these birds are absolutely beautiful!

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*A special thanks to the wonderful staff and volunteers of the Ohio Wildlife Center for making this episode possible.

Please consider donating to their efforts by visiting their website
Today I'm at the Ohio Wildlife Center located in central Ohio this organization fosters awareness and appreciation of Ohio's native wildlife through rehabilitation and education and while the goal of o WC is always to release their patients back into the wild sometimes there are injuries or illnesses no longer allow them to.

Survive on their own and they become animal ambassadors for their species that is a peregrine falcon the fastest animal on the planet a Barbara tell us what's so unique about Aragon here well our Falcons are fastest animals they can dive at speeds over 230 miles per hour the only reason we don't know exactly how fast they can go is because.

The equipment that reads their speeds only goes up to 230 but they have some really special and strange adaptations to be able to do that so imagine diving at 200 miles an hour your lungs would probably blow up so they have that little bone inside the nostril there if you see that little bony tubercle mm-hmm and that acts just like the cone in a.

Jet engine it breaks up the flow of the air so that it doesn't rush into their lungs and burst their lungs while they're diving they also have a really thick heavy boned keel or breastbone that provides a little sturdier skeleton for those high dives because there's a lot of torque on their body really cool I think most people did not.

Realize that the fastest animal on the planet lives here in Ohio which i think is really really unique most people don't know that so because this bird is so fast Barbara explained to us how these birds actually catch their prey cos they will actually go way up in the air and then dive-bomb gorge their prey right.

So those dives are called Stoops and they'll typically stoop after pigeons if they live in the cities and most of our major cities throughout the United States has a pair of peregrine nesting somewhere in their downtown because that is a suitable replacement cliff for them so they will hunt pigeons or ducks this bird is also known as the duck hawk and.

You know how large a duck is so this bird will take down a duck it's hard to fathom something this small but what they're doing I have that big heavy keel I mentioned and they will fold their feet right next to that keel when they actually strike the prey they're going to hit it with such force most of the time the prey is instantly killed on.

Impact and then they'll take it down to the ground they'll either feed off of it on the ground if it's too big to carry off or if it's small enough then they'll organize themselves and take it up to a higher loft Wow so basically the prey has no idea what's just in it so a peregrine falcon dives out of the air talons spread and boom it's dead before.

It even knows what happened that's right now Aragon is a very special ambassador here to Halle wildlife center because he actually is used for feather transplant plants correct right so when we have a falcon that comes into rehabilitation in the captive treatment process they often will break the tips of their flight feathers or tail feathers because.

They're bouncing around a little bit in their enclosures well they can't be released like that because they can't fly properly so we saved the molted feathers or the shed feathers in other words from our captive Birds and we store those so that when we need to release a wild bird that has a broken feather we can replace it with one of.

These birds feathers now does that go can species interchange like human of Aragon's feathers go on a red-tailed hawk or does it have to stay species right it stays species specific for that purpose just the shape and purpose of each feather is actually unique to each species Aragon is not a bird that can be released back into the.

Wild because she have permanent damage and that's why she's become an ambassador for species by donating her feathers so that other Peregrine's can get up to those high heights and sort speeds of over 230 miles an hour if you thought that was an amazing animal encounter make sure to check out these other videos and don't.

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Peregrine Falcon is the Fastest Animal in the World!