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The local sea life in Sydney Harbour is thriving.

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Beautiful Sydney Harbour that magnificent skyline that we know so well and out here in the harbor are wonderful pages of boats now I lived here for five years and I eagerly explored the length and the depth of Sydney Harbour looking for shipwrecks looking for hidden things in the coves so I want to take you and show you these little known wonders of.

Sydney Harbour I'm going to show you something quite interesting and hidden away now then and I did about two hours of Bush bashing until we found the right trail I'm on the scenic track between the spit and manly and just down here is the hidden path.

now that was the easy walk and when you come to this Junction and design you've got manly this way to spit back there right in behind it is the hidden part the path is very old and well-worn you can see the hollow there from people treading along here for over 60 years that's the god Boyd.

Point and down here is create a code and just a little bit further this is what I want to show you in crater Cove now their fisherman's house squatters Hut's to here and more further up some of these huts were built over 60.

Years ago with million-dollar views until the late 80s when the National Parks and Wildlife won the court case and kicked all the residents out they all have just a single room but what a great place to come down for the weekend fishing the builders were Masters of innovation they've used local stone here and driftwood to make quite a.

Substantial dwelling and for hot water they painted a water pipe black up on the roof for the Sun to heat it up see how meet they work rugs crawled up nicely a paved pathway driftwood that makes a nice city or bed Simon Flynn lived here for 18 years until he was evicted his hub is simple you know bits of driftwood corrugated.

Iron things salvaged from around the area but a simple place with a wonderful view how many millions would you pay today for a Sydney Harbor view like this this crater Cove settlement is a good example of a simple architecture by ordinary people and for me I reflect back to my.

Early days when it wasn't so regulated when you have to free them to come in and do things like this and you could live with nature and not harm it at all well hello you're the new owner are you the only one allowed to live here hey you're friendly I guess you miss your mates here Sydney harbours never calm there's so much.

Swell here from the criss-crossing of all these boats old sailing ship anchors litter the harbor and each has a story to tell North Head has claimed many old shipwrecks bow dive has taken me to the best scuba dive site in the harbor it's at North Head below the conspicuous rock.

Called old man's pet I want to find the wreck that I found about 40 years ago the captain habits car and brand state and I are searching for what little remains of the clipper.

Kathryn Adamson she sank here in 1857 and 21 died they nicknamed her the booze budge for she carried over 20,000 gallons of rum gin brandy and wine now when the liquor washed ashore there were a lot of drunk and happy locals there's her anchor chain I haven't been back here since I discovered her in 1964 and that made front-page headlines.

Only her anchor chain seems to be visible now her remains are broken and buried by the passage of time and many storms this is the egg case of a poor checksums charge the spiral flanges tough and as a baby shark inside.

It's January and an unseasonal cold current drops the water temperature to a shivering 14 degrees interesting creatures abound a giant cuttlefish a friendly blue grouper and the most exotic of all the weedy sea dragon.

This signal tells me an angel shark is up ahead it's harmless a meter and a half long thank you nice tie I can't believe how pretty the corals and sponges are down they're really colorful dirty though and very cold.

People love the many secluded coves but do you realize they are also home to colonies of little penguins these delightful penguins are so inconspicuous it's hard to believe there are some 60 breeding pairs in Manly alone the manly ferry wharf is the easiest place to view them people enjoy.

The sunset and wait for the penguin parents to come and feed their chicks when it's dark so you look after the Penguins there yes we've been doing this for more than six weeks now every night haven't we yeah this is Ellie she's a penguin warden – and how many Penguins will come in you think we've got two babies we reckon.

They're about six to seven weeks on and so they've got a couple more weeks before they starting to grow their feathers so they think they've got a couple more weeks before they start to replace the chicks have been hiding under the Ferry Wharf all day they're hungry and one parent is coming home with a fish dinner.

no camera lights or flash are allowed so I filmed this special event with an infrared light that's invisible to the Penguins eye right in the middle of the city is amazing you just go and see these.

Creatures of nature I guess I'm of the feeling it should be normal I mean it's it's a bit I think it's sad that it's a rarity but it's nice to see it yes now the other parents coming in while the first ones feeding well it's pretty impressive.

The ferries turning turning its back on on the cheeks that means you've had enough I won't give you anymore I'm going to show you the best and the most extensive aboriginal rock engravings around Sydney Harbour now they're very easier to find you've got wake whose hoc way the roar.

Of the traffic just here and you come down Bantry Bay Road to the southern end then with a 300 meter walk along this path and you come to these signs here and just go through the fence Wow what a huge sight now sometimes these Sydney sandstone has these greatly flat.

Areas and this enabled the Aborigines to create monster sized engravings the largest in Australia and probably in the world well here's a shark you can see its dorsal fin over here a shield quite a large one here's a huge wild to step it out five and a half meters long now this several engravings of whale so that means that that whales were common.

In the past in Sydney Harbor in fact this one was probably viewed right in Bantry Bay just over here another shield and here we have two boomerangs a wallaby this is tail head and four legs little hard to see though in the shadows look at this school of fish big fish beautifully outline now some people are.

Saying that the average we should come back and Riaan grave them make them look original again just like they do to the cave paintings every 30 or 50 years they would come back and touch up the cave paintings others the saying no no just leave them as they are and they'll probably last another thousand years before they slowly wither and fade away.

Now this is a rock engraving of a while and there's a man inside the whale here but you can't see him because he's underwater it's very fitting now this is a bald head just over here is the Harbour Bridge and to find this you come down balls head road and where it Forks we go to HMAS water hand this is where it is.

Well these engravings are easy to find we're up in the Lambie Heights at the end of gum bouya Street and the in here this is the biggest of all while engravings eight meters long almost life-size aha here's a good outline of a man arms outstretched and his penis has been scratched out manly so named by captain.

Philip of the First Fleet because that's what he thought of the local aborigines until they speed in divers Dave Thomas and James Jenkins are searching for sea horses here there's one so cute in quite common just hard to spot in the net likewise these two cuttlefish blend in beautifully with the net zebras.

Here's SAR seahorses are shameless sex-obsessed bisexuals seahorses with the biggest bellies attract the most partners 40% going for the same sex in their topsy-turvy world when the male becomes pregnant and carries the eggs a big bellied male may flirt with as many as 25 potential partners in one day some help I missed all that on this dive the.

Water was cold maybe cooled there rather Sugarloaf Bay here was not a safe place to swim in the early 60s there was a young actress Marcia Hathaway swimming here and she was viciously attacked by a shark on Australia Day 1963 right there there's no access here by Road so a.

Speedboat raced her around to Mowbray point there was an ambulance waiting here Mowbray Point but they had trouble getting up that steep slope now it was only a gravel road in those days so the rescue has got behind the ambulance they pushed and shoved but the clutch burnt out so they had to unload her put her on the stretcher carry her.

All the way up the top of the hill to another waiting ambulance and with all those delays the poor girl died on the way the hospital now the press labelled the killer as a grey nurse shark and that was a pity because there was a lot of killing of brain those sharks after that and that we know now it is a harmless shark personally I think it was.

A bull shark they do like ester own waters like here now that was the last fatal shark attack in Sydney Harbour and you might wonder why hasn't been another one in over 40 years well soon after that the harbor became quite polluted and I guess any sensible shark with a swamp outside around the heads to the beaches and probably got caught up in.

The shark nets anyway not always the Sydney Harbour and supper reach has been beautiful because back in the early 60s along the Lane Cove River there was a massive fish kill and the villain was a guest that we call hydrogen sulfide and it oozed up out of the toxic mud bubbled to the surface and it killed thousands of fish.

Now right here beside the Chatswood golf course and beside the Lanco river happened Australia's most famous unsolved murder now if you were my age I'm sure that you remember the front-page news of the Bo glut Chandler double murders police found the partly naked bodies on the banks of the Lane Cove River on New Year's Day 1963 38.

Year old CSIRO scientists dr. Gilbert Bogle and his 29 year old lover Margaret Chandler public speculation included revenge murders by the couple's spouses their bodies were found here on New Year's Day 1963 and it appeared that they had had a violent death a poisoning and the police could not find what that poison was now they believe that the.

Killer was the river itself in his dying breath in the middle of this massive toxic gas and in that early morn with a cold air it settled down on the two lovers and they died a horrible death now the river is clean it's okay to swim now when I lived here 40 years ago I would come down here and collect mussels oysters and even the Sydney rock oysters.

Came from Sydney Harbor today no more and very sad that the pollution has literally made that these shellfish and fish toxic to eat but there are people are still ignorant of that I've seen them come down and pick up the oysters I see them fishing catching fish and taking them home to eat they must have a cast-iron stomach.

Are you going to play this oh yeah I thinks I don't think it'll poison you no no we ate one we got you on Wednesday night we had a couple oh and that was good era tasted awesome not thinking the stomach or you got sick at all I think you ate a lot of them would be a different story totally different story Sydney harbours.

Numerous coves and inlets a seemingly a safe place to swim as I watch the cormorants die for their supper I know as a fellow diver it's not all so safe down there the harbor does have a few nasties if you are a lucky diver you make links the shadowy outline of a grey nurse shark cruising by.

You'll probably freeze when a big bull ray passes as it's known to kill unexpectedly several divers have been bitten when disturbing sleepy wobbegong sharks the smaller creatures are the greater worry this Scorpion cod has 12 venomous spines the deadly stone fish has 13 unluckily its sting is far worse.

Only the blue-ringed octopus is dangerous this common one is just creepy and is catching dinner seojun's become pin cushions if you trade on one the spines are toxic and painful and break off beneath the skin big jellyfish are common in the harbor and they do sting but Turtles like them.

on North Head Karan and I visit the artillery Museum and we go underground with Jeff Evans on a most interesting tour Jeff you're gonna show us something special here yes I am Ben why don't we go down on the ground and have a look oh right down to the catacombs.

How far underground that we go JIT will be about 19 meters around 65 feet underground below us point man oh okay so this powered the whole system yes it did been the generators provided power for the lighting and the tunnels for the guns themselves and for the whole head Lantern Second World War must have been very noisy in here oh.

Yeah it would have been an unbelievable then in here and in those days we didn't have ear protection or anything so the guys probably walked out of here deaf the roof there is two meters of reinforced concrete two meters the walls are Omega H layer and the floors are made of reinforced concrete as well so this would be the safest place in Sydney.

If there's a terrorist attack absolutely yeah will you give me one of these days those could have had a small town of about a thousand people yeah how long is this tunnel here it's about 150 meters all up from one end to the other huh it joins the generator room the two guns and room that we're going to call.

The casualty dressing station but the the interesting part is the water that's running here they struck a natural spring when they were digging the tunnels this is the lowest point in the tunnels been the water gathers here and goes out through that tunnel and out over there but first is it drinkable oh yeah absolutely.

Oh yeah no Gardea yep Sydney you know with some fresh water good lineup of shells there yes it is this is the shell store 250 shells were kept down here for the gun which is straight up above us now are they 10 each caliber now they're nine point two inch caliber yeah that's not one yes it is yeah okay heavy the three hundred ninety pound in.

The old terminology one hundred and seventy two kilos now they actually had a gantry train that would pick up the shell up bring it round drop it onto the platform here and then rolled into the elevator which would take it up to the gun tier nice and that is a quick way out yes that's right is this the exit that.

Comes out halfway down the cliff yeah that's a different turn okay so you don't have to do an Indiana Jones when you get to the end of this one black that's an unusual gun yes it is Ben this one actually shows the transition between muzzleloading and rich loading designed by a chap called Armstrong so you know those hole cannon we find.

Underwater there were the forerunners of this and then after this came the big artillery that's exactly right yeah yeah the breech loading yeah yes that's right he's the middleman yeah Wow what a monster cannon yeah it certainly has been oh yeah look at the bore that what's the poundage of this such as a 68 pounder 68 that secure.

Commander set at Bradley's hit from about 1880 through to about 1980 this is he 68 pounder it's the huge that's the 9.2 that we saw before that what is this one jet now this is a 15-inch there was an argument at one stage that with the development of battleships and the the thickness of armor they had in that a.

9.2 would not be sufficient so we were talking about 15-inch that's correct ban yes it is yeah all the ship breaks in cannons I've found underwater now you rely totally on volunteers don't you yesterday Vance we've made volunteers for a whole range of different activities I mean I've only seen a few people here so it's not very.

Well known no that's right oh this is great it certainly is so this is the British Royal Marine the first uniform that we would have seen in Australia and this is the uniform of the New South Wales Corps was that in Bligh's time when he had that the run rebellion that's exactly right these are the guys that's the one yeah.

this is a Gatling gun have been that's a load and felt it's all three barrels fire together and then using the ball war about that beauty care to it yes well if you were to kill a lot more people at once look at this one yeah we've got ten barrels oh look at this ten barrels settle neighborhood awful.

quarantine Bay has a macabre history and a lot of deaths I'm going on a ghost tour here as I was saying if a ship arrived it was diseased onboard even if just one person was sick the whole ship was quarantined all the passengers all the crews sick people and health and early life it was like a jail they were.

Not allowed to leave here until oak proved though innocent of these diseases cholera typhus fever typhoid fever bubonic plague smallpox Spanish influenza if you caught those diseases fifty to seventy percent chance you're going to die and die an agony this place is not put on it is considered the most haunted site in Australia or if you do.

Have an experience it will be real spooky so many died here the oldest buildings still standing right here this one here built in 1875 this place is worse than Port Arthur and all the roundabouts 13,000 people who came through here 572 people did not leave and that's why we got the supernatural t-those 572 people are.

Buried and three separate cemetery sites are now buried they'll bury without any religious sermon none whatsoever my invisible infrared light won't spook the ghosts the girl only became known to us a couple of years ago one of our tour guides was ready to the death registers she found the entry of matilda standing here talking to everyone and bindi told.

Me she felt this well she described as a pressure all over her head face shoulders neck justice' pressure she then realized the clairvoyant standing around her were absolutely aghast they were just standing there staring at bindi Ben he knew something was wrong she said what's up what are you staring at these clairvoyance dissin Matilda is.

Trying to strangle you Matilda was standing in front of being with her hands up around in his neck and she tries to help people but if you ignore her and don't listen to her that's when she gets very frustrated because she has tried to strangle seven people that I know they've been on my tour when she's actually done.

Speaking of death the morgue is down this way now the server's only have it used when they didn't know what someone had died they knew one a person dying they despair even if they didn't know where they got that bring them in here for an autopsy cut the body open you can see the grooves here for the body fluid run.

There will be given to me Youngblood exclaiming that Mike was on my turret off years ago all he wanted to do was come in here and hide on the slab suddenly in the middle of my talking he jumped up going be where group of girls on my tour probably at 1718 took them into the hospital told another matron I came outside this young girl came.

Running out absolutely the stage she was said she was wandering between the two wards pass this room she just looked in the door we believe it was the matrons office so just looking the door and kept walking she said I was then compelled to go back and look in the room again so I walked back to the door and there standing probably as far away as from.

You to me was the maker just staring men arms folded staring it really upset that I was staring at they're out of here for more than 200 years people have tossed and dropped things in the harbor here at farm Cove I joined Dave Thomas and Christie Holmes on a search for old relics this is your bottom scratcher.

This is it this is a probe and we would use this just poking the sand and the place the distinctive noise when you find a bottle or pottery okay I'll be right down behind you okay good you have the camera please.

the top yes Hotel Sydney yeah that's quite something beautifully yeah sure and last look at.

This one this is a good read that what they tell cities on some guys obviously you drop that with the key and the key is rusted away hey okay we'll go back get some more all right that's a Hamilton bottle but they call it a drunken bottle because it.

Won't stand up heywhat because of the bottom I get yeah Wow they found something special for you Christine why do you see it so wedding ring it's perfectly is that what you wasn't the moment every girl's always dreamed of it's 5:00 a.m. and I'm down that the Sydney fish marketing pyrmont.

Ready for one of the world's largest auctions more than 55 tons of fresh seafood is auctioned off each day they do think people queue for an early behind-the-scenes tour the auction uses a computerized Dutch clock system originally developed for.

The sale of tulips when the auction clock starts the auctioneer sets a predetermined price for any species based on what that product was selling for this morning or yesterday and unlike a normal auction then the price starts at a higher price and runs down once one of the buyers thinks that's a realistic price today he will hit the button and.

Stop the clock setting the price mozilla tail boys lobster buyer for the up there $40 up there's gonna be $40 $40 at the end of us a well here we go 33 33 right there they got a $12 start $12 anywhere 12 are going up there to on the 1950 up there 1250 13 1350 3050 40:14 down here 40 so I got up there $14 to get 14 14 down in.

There 20 eggs over there 2850 updates when I couldn't give up putting out 59 up you pick you up between 150 30 $30 here 1350 131 go up there 50 other there to here $32 here listening 32 32 53 $33 updated 31 33 33 down in wherever you live in Sydney it's likely your seafood dinner came from here since 1788 90 ships have been wrecked inside Sydney.

Harbor some have become great dive sites and I'm going down to explore one of them the Centurion was a wooden Serling bark of a thousand tons and she struck rocks inside North Head in 1887 that's a plaque commemorating her loss Pro dive scuba divers are doing a wreck.

Course and they are laying out a line to measure the ship's length the wreck is twisted and scattered 18 meters deep home now to a milling school of catfish okay whoa nice down there but that the wreckage is pretty scattered it it.

Really is hard to find it's Australia Day and the harbor celebrates Priscilla wins the Best Dressed boat and my son Dean's sea dragon is runner-up the tall ships are out in their full glory including the historic dive Caen Sydney Harbor is alive and full of fun.

Hi good afternoon I need a coffee break good one cappuccino one ice cream good thank you on that see you next time mmm tastes good this is a great thing you know getting a coffee out in the harbor like this Balmain has a wonderful heritage walk now I'm down the bottom of Darling Street and we've got here the oldest pub in the area the shipwright.

Arms it was built in 1844 and it was originally called the Dolphin Hotel this sandstone block is breaking away and has been shored up and obviously needs renovations but it is old 1844 one of the guys who dragged at the pub down there live right next door and his name was Henry Mackenzie now he would row the people over the other side of the.

Harbour after hours when the ferry wasn't running and so they called this place the water man's cottage and it was built in 1841 and there's more up here isn't this cute it's called Clontarf cottage built in 1844 and Synn Wallace Street and the locals had a lot to do with saving this magnificent cottage st. Mary's Hall in adolphus Street and.

Built in 1851 I'm back on darling Street the 179 and we have the Balmain watch house and it was built in 1854 the oldest surviving lockup in Sydney and in that period I guess it was pretty busy hidden away a Chinaman's beach are some rock engravings and artist ken Doan takes me to them yeah these are the.

Engravings I want to show you been uh huh look this one if you look carefully it's like a Australian coat of mine and see it EMU EMU kangaroo ah that's that's quite good then here we've got one either 1883 or 1885 see then if you go a little bit further this is this is more destines and really quite beautiful the Pyrmont obviously a ship of some kind.

30th of December 1885 well well I remember my friend Pat he used to own this place here and she said that there was an inlet running in which she feel being and I I would guess that small boats would come over here Park in the inlet and picnic right yeah when we first came here there was still evidence of a little Wharf here so people.

Probably came around the corner from Balmoral and spent the day down here but these people who would have come you know more than a hundred years ago like if you look up into here there's this wonderful kind of Victorian woman's head yeah and even further up this shows you a bit of Latin so they if it was graffiti or or rockets at least they had.

A bit of taste that style that's right it is graffiti but it's it's now history yeah that's great III think it's terrific I've seen that before well I thought that was slightly sort of Japanese symbol of scare no it is not seen it on magnetic island in fact I've seen it in two places on Magnetic Island we're huxley searching for a supposed.

Treasure on Magnetic Island and this was up in the cave were searching and I have no idea what it means but immediately theme oh this yes Sydney Harbour has seen some unusual visitors since captain Arthur Phillip stepped ashore in 1788 the recent discovery of the missing Japanese sub of Sydney relives their dramatic.

Entry into Sydney Harbor on the night of May 31 1942 and just how close to Payne's war came to Australia seals are occasional Harbor visitors and one found life hood at Harry's cafe in Willa Malou bridge commuters and climbers had a special treat when two courting southern right whales swim under the.

Harbour Bridge the harbour came to a standstill even theory stop to let the whales pass through the city and of you of the whale jump and you can play that and taste it can't believe they're coming so close three spectacular.

a year later a pair of humpback whales and the calf swim into Sydney Harbour seeing it in the harbor is kind of cool dane catches the humpbacks underwater the aboriginal rock engravings told us.

The wilds have been coming to Sydney Harbor for thousands of years is this while greeting us circular key look very different in the early 1800s a freshwater stream ran through Sydney town into the harbor this is where the tank stream empties into.

Sydney Cove right next to the Balmain ferry and here because of it is the beginning of Sydney Town underneath the skyscrapers that stream is still there and that is where I'm heading now here's a map of Sydney Cove 1810 and you can see where the tank stream starts wait up here in Market Street and runs down between Georgia and Pitt Street and.

Eventually back into Sydney Cove circular key the tank stream is open only once a year and these people won a ballot could be the lucky few well I'm looking forward to this John Breen tells me the sand stone was excavated five meters deep in four places to create storage tanks John what's this orange thing here on the netting that's a.

Safety device a gas monitor if gases build-up that makes an alarm sound and we'd know to get out better than the canary isn't it yes this is about the normal flow along the stream in earlier days it would have been more than that so this is probably about a third of the natural original flow this is the modern part of the chain stream this is.

Reinforced concrete that's an access manhole which will get you out into Curtin place for safety reasons aha the Cape Glen has been here 2003 they get in everywhere this flow emanates up near Hyde Park South and it's been there certainly ever since the first fleet arrived this is the sandstone arch with what people associate with the tank.

Stream however it's only been here since about 1870 but the important part to realize here with the floor because the floor went here with the first fleet and the floor was done there to take water from the swamps in Hyde Park along here and to get into the tanks the tanks were started within six months of the first fleet arriving so the floor.

Is important so the convicts would have made this with it exactly that's right and that's why the floor is the really significant part and this is all that's left of the tank stream here that's right except in when it rains yes when it rains it's right today and above it's nice and something out there I believe that's right this represents a symbol.

For payment of the stonemasons because they weren't convicts they were free people and they got paid for each block as they laid it it's getting higher yeah exactly there's a reason for that and we only found the plans three years ago this in fact is a hydraulic expansion chamber because you'll see an ugly pipe up there.

And that was like an obstruction wasn't that's right but that pipe was there before the sandstone are 20 yeah this ugly old pipe represents one of the high points of Australian technology it's not a circular pipe it's got a v-shape in the bottom the v-shape is to carry the sewage solids along and this base iron isn't yes but to confuse us.

It's got timber there but in a temple we think was probably used about 80 years ago as repairs because you can't get this sort of stuff off the shelf anymore but it's made of about 15 different pieces are all bolted together and we've got photographs to show that this was part of an aqueduct a33 please aqueduct which was there in the very early days.

So this would be very very old if you got a date for it yes it's dates back to about 1855 when they were building the event along sewer and and you said that this was a certain became a sewer before London yes an official sewer before London there's other things too also I can stand up very easily under.

That point most you can because that's under the manhole cover which will bring you up into Hunter Street so what's this junk this is a Novi form sewer pipe that made up of bricks that you can see the v-shape at the bottom and that's to carry the sewage particles along it's about 20 years younger than the.

Sandstone arch with are in but the important part is you can see the bricks around the top yeah they're not just your common the house bricks they're these shaped bricks that fit perfectly around the arch and that means they use less cement to do it that was important because the sewer gases away at cement and bricks can fall out of the.

Roof the tank stream in 1857 became a an official sewer privateeer that has just been a stormwater come sewer so this week was at first they were a freshwater stream for drinking then then it just became a stream that was polluted and then a sewer that's right here's another very good life it's got the whole history and that's why the.

Tank stream is so important in the history of Sydney and indeed Australia yeah and what do you think of this it's been an excellent tour to see the history of Sydney but particularly as it evolved over time yeah but also the way in modern times of the city has impacted on the stream itself what you're actually done if you don't even think.

About other assists quite astounding actually yes and to hear the history and it has been working for me fantastic I can't believe this is under Sydney and hardly anybody knows about it it's just incredible you just walk above it and have no idea it's like a little hidden Wonderland.

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